Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello Full Moon ~ I captured this shot in the front yard under the pine tree back when the moon was full and begging to have her picture taken. I love the time of day when the sky is clear and the setting sun is painting the sky with beautiful colors as a full moon is rising!

Two Abstract Paintings without titles ~ I've been working on both of these paintings this week, but it's been really, really, really slow-going. Ha, where are you muse? These are both acrylics on 8 x 10 inch stretched canvases. I'm thinking that the one on the bottom reminds me of a totem in a sandstorm. I may be able to at least finish these and give them a title soon...then again, maybe they are already finished and I just don't know it yet.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

'Under the See' ~ I just finished this painting and it's acrylics on a 8 x 10 inch stretched canvas.

'Birth of a Sunrise' ~ Another painting in acrylics on a smaller 6 x 6 inch stretched canvas. I posted this in the WetCanvas challenge for February that JiMi had a wonderful theme for this month. Congratulations to both Jerald and his wife on the birth of their new baby boy!

Full Moon at Sunset ~ The moon has been so bright and full this week and the yard at night is just lit up by the glow...I grabbed my camera to try and capture this beauty right as the sun was setting.
A very talented artist friend, Terri West from the Visual Fields blog, just presented me with an 'I Love Your Art Blog' Award...Thank you so much Terri and I love the look of your new website and blogs! I'm supposed to name 7 things I love and I'm going to think about them and name them in my next post. :p ...then pick 7 more people to pass this cool award on to!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Thank You Babs!! and some Lake Chesdin Sunset Photos ~ I want to thank my very sweet and thoughtful friend Babs for the wonderful card that she surprised me with for my 55th birthday this year (Yikes, am I really that old now)! Her card has a lovely print of one of her fantastic abstracts and she also sent me her red 'barking dog' ACEO abstract which matches the 'shaggy dog' abstract (yep Babs, I do see another dog in this one too)...now my 'shaggy dog' red abstract has some company and I treasure both of them! A very sweet thing to do, she also found a penny from the year of my birth to send. My husband was kidding with me and said it must have taken a lot of looking to find a penny that old! :) :) Thanks Babs, you are a dear friend!! I also put a wip I've been painting on the right side of my easel. I'll probably work some more on it before giving it a title and calling it finished. My husband took me up to Lake Chesdin this evening at sunset so I could get some photos:

Close-up of a tree and my favorite pic so far

My husband called this a 'gooney bird' but we think it's actually a crane

The boat dock

sunset peeping through lacy winter tree limbs

Sunset sky at Lake Chesdin, Virginia