Sunday, July 30, 2006

"Night Stairs" Acrylics on unstretched canvas
"Junkyard Treasures" Acrylics on unstretched canvas "Celestial Colors Red" 4x4 inches art squared
"Celestial Colors blue" 4x4 inches art squared

Acrylics on Canvas ~ I finally got some photos of what I've been working on the last week. These are all traditional paintings and acrylics on unstretched canvas. Sometimes I wonder where I get such a weird imagination. I just start painting with no clear plan in mind and end up with strange looking works like these! I'll be putting these up for auction at very soon!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Red Flower and Moon ~ This is a little digital work I did tonight..I love painting moons and flowers! I did this one using the Dogwaffle digital art program. You can go to to download a totally free version if you are interested in making some digital art. It's an awesome little program!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Old Kentucky Home ~ Here are some photos I got on our recent trip to Kentucky to visit my family. From scenic views in Western Virginia during the trip..someone splashing through the views we saw driving through Lexington, Kentucky...old stone fences, a mural painted on a stone wall at a horsetrack, fences, barns, big trees and lots of bluegrass.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Grrrrr! Spam stinks! I found out what "comment spam" is unfortunately! About 30 comments all at once posted in my blog with links to spam sites. ARRGH! OK now I have to get the word verification thingee to prevent this from happening again. (insert mad face here)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Drake's Creek ~ I was so glad to get back home from our trip last night! Aargh that last couple of hundred miles seems to last forever and when it's 100 degrees outside even the AC in the vehicle feels sort of weak to cool a person off. It takes about 12 hours to drive from central Virginia to south central Kentucky where my Mom and lots of my family live. Everyone was doing really well and we enjoyed our visit so much! My sister and her family had an awesome cookout on Sunday evening with homemade chocolate ice cream for dessert, it was all yummy! On Sunday morning, we drove to an old creek we used to live near and it looked so beautiful. Every time I visit I always feel drawn to the ancient cool green mystery of that old creek. It's called Drake's Creek but it's simply known as 'the ford' because it was so shallow (except during floods and that's another story :o) that people could drive across the creek to the road on the other side. Here are some photos I got of it this weekend. The water is very clear and splashes over what looks like zillions of creekrocks and strange fossils.

Friday, July 14, 2006

  1. Lilystract manip ~ Yep I am still playing with my lilies! I did a digi manip of my lili photo and she came out looking pretty wild! I love exploring new realities by taking a photo and turning it into something entirely new. I'll see ya'll Tuesday!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

More photos of the tiger lily. eek I just realised that I've been spelling the word lily wrong, it doesn't have 2 'L's just one. Anyways, Cynthia and anyone else that desires to paint this, please feel free. I would love to see it if you do paint it. I think I may give it a try myself. I will go post these later in the IRL in WC also. This plant is puzzling me. The original seeds (bulbils) came from the backyard of my Grandma's house in Kentucky. Later my Mom had them growing from the bulbils (black pods on the stem) also that she got from my Grandma's place. I googled tiger lily but none I saw were as huge as these things. The size of them were about 3 ft. but the ones my Mom had growing looked at least 6 feet tall! Mine are around 5 feet tall. Also the stems looked different than the ones I saw when I did the search.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tiger Lilly monster ~ My tiger lilly bloom finally opened today! Up close, in this blurry photo I got before my camera batteries went dead, it almost looks like something from 'The Little Shop of Horrors'! I rubbed my hand on the funny brown things and this dark brown powder got all over my fingers and it turned my fingers orange where I touched it. I had a hard time getting the orangey stuff off my hand even with soap and water!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

NO these are not chili peppers ~ they are flower buds growing out in front of our garage. My Mom had some that she got from my Grandma's old place and the things were like 6-7 feet tall, monster flowers. I brought back some of the funny little shiny black seeds (growing on the hairy stem) and planted them here in Virginia about 5 years ago. A couple of years passed and nothing came up so I sort of forgot about planting them. Well, last year 2 of them came up and boy was I surprised. This year more of them came up! Mine aren't as tall as the ones my Mom has but they're still a little taller than I am. I can't wait till the buds open. My Mom said these flowers are tiger lillies.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

PAGE ONE OF A FAIRY TALE ~ I finished this painting today and it's acrylics, 9 1/4 X 12 inches on unstretched canvas. I just bought a new color of acrylics and had to try it out on this one. I usually just use red, blue, yellow, black and white to mix all my colors but couldn't get purple to come out right so I bought some dioxazine purple and woo I love it! Purple here I come!