Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Paintings 'Yellow' and 'Snowy Eve' ~ This is two paintings I recently finished and they are both on 6x6 inch stretched canvas (two more on your canvases that I bought Cyn!). I have really been neglecting my blog lately which I am going remedy right now! I have to go out of town next week and won't be back till the following week. My Mother fell and broke her hip last weekend and I am going out there to stay with her in the rehabilitation hospital in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She has been in failng health the last few years and prayers and well wishes would be so much appreciated. I'm taking these two paintings and some others as gifts for my sister and nieces who live there. Ick I dread the plane trip but it is soo much quicker! I will see youall when I get back! Keep on bloggin'! :)
edit: LOL I know someone is going to notice this and I just saw myself that I used the words "yellow" and "snow" in the same line for my titles!! :D

Saturday, May 12, 2007

NEW ACEOS ~ Taking a Bow and The Betsy Ross Tree ~ I've been in a kind of slump with my painting but I think I was actually just too busy at my other job lately. I had started these 2 ACEO paintings two weeks ago and just abandoned them till today and finally got them finished, yea! They're acrylics on Canson canva-paper both are 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.

Uhoh, I have been tagged by someone, my good friend and wonderfully talented artist, Diane Cutter These are the tagging rules that I got from her blog:1. List 7 random facts/habits about yourself.2. Choose another 7 bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog.3. Leave your 7 tagged bloggers comments to notify them of their tagging and to direct them to your blog for tag instructions.So here are random, little known facts about myself:

1. I can write upside down and backwards if I picture what it looks like in my mind first.

2. I love brussel sprouts and black licorice (LOL Diane I read your list!) :)

3. Here are states I've lived in since I was born: Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Wyoming, Virginia. TX, IL, and WY was when I was in the U.S.AirForce.

4. When I was in the U.S.A.F I had a top secret clearance and had to carry a .38 gun! I was a Missile Systems Analyst Specialist (boy, that sounds pretty neat now but was lots of hard work!)

5. All of my fingers and one of my thumbs is double jointed and I used to enjoy making them look creepy when I would bend down my first knuckles hehe!

6. I took accounting and shorthand in college and HATED it, was the hardest and most boring classes ever! (I ended up dropping out and taking what I love which is art)

7. I love learning about the earth and geology was one of my favorite classes in college.

Hmmmm now to pick 7 artists blogger friends to tag (insert evil laugh!) If ya don't have time or have been picked before, just ignore this LOL...OK here's my picks:

All very talented artists, poets and wonderful people, in the order that I have them in my link list:

1. Mother of Invention ~

2. Babs ~

3. Florence ~

4. Kerri ~

5. Corrine (Jafagirl) ~

6. Janet ~

7. Cynthia ~

Friday, May 04, 2007

PRINTS, PRINTS AND MORE PRINTS ~ I love my little Epson printer that I got last weekend and as you can see by this picture I've been enjoying using it. This is lots of little prints of the things I've painted the last few years, some bigger and on stretched canvas and a few are digital paintings. Most of my file sizes were too small to make prints much larger than this, but a lot of these are the original size anyways (2 1/2 x 3 1/2 ACEO size). Almost all of the original paintings are sold and gone so I was thrilled to be able to make these prints! Anyone for a game of cards, that's what these feel like when they're stacked up. I have them all in little plastic sleeves too! :)