Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Paintings 'Yellow' and 'Snowy Eve' ~ This is two paintings I recently finished and they are both on 6x6 inch stretched canvas (two more on your canvases that I bought Cyn!). I have really been neglecting my blog lately which I am going remedy right now! I have to go out of town next week and won't be back till the following week. My Mother fell and broke her hip last weekend and I am going out there to stay with her in the rehabilitation hospital in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She has been in failng health the last few years and prayers and well wishes would be so much appreciated. I'm taking these two paintings and some others as gifts for my sister and nieces who live there. Ick I dread the plane trip but it is soo much quicker! I will see youall when I get back! Keep on bloggin'! :)
edit: LOL I know someone is going to notice this and I just saw myself that I used the words "yellow" and "snow" in the same line for my titles!! :D



Wow, new trees, flowers

Good trip Lynn,,,,,take care,,,all prayers & best wishes for you & your Mom!

Know your family will love the paintings!
See you soon!!

Janvangogh said...

Have a good trip.

Kind of looks like the plants are turning into snakes -- something magical about those flowers I guess.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh how outstanding! Van Gogh often used yellow in his paintings. I think of that whenever I see an artist using yellow. Anyhoo great work!

Cynthia said...

Don't eat the yellow snow!

I wish your mother a speedy recovery! Have a safe trip and I love the new paintings.

jafabrit said...

ha ha Yellow and snow !

sorry to hear about your mum's fall. sending my best wishes and hope she gets well soon.

love the yellow painting by the way.

take care Lyn :)

Mother of Invention said...

I love both pics! I hope your mom recovers well from this. She is lucky to have you. Your family will be happy to receive your gifts of art!

Janvangogh said...

Hey Lynnette. My blogger friend Ellen Leigh volunteered to be tagged! YAY! Here is her blog and she is going to tag others. YAY -- Will get to know about alot of other bloggers.

LynClay said...

Helloo and thank you so very much Babs, Janet, Angela, Cyn, J.B., M.O.I.! whew I am finally back home, thank goodness! Thanks so much for the well wishes everyone, they're so much appreciated! My Mom is trying to get well enough to walk again but she's had a really rough time of it so far. I'm glad I was able to be out there to be with her and help out some.
Janet I am going to check out Ellen's blog now! The tagging has really been going around lately and it's so fun to find out all the good stuff on the other bloggers! :D