Saturday, May 12, 2007

NEW ACEOS ~ Taking a Bow and The Betsy Ross Tree ~ I've been in a kind of slump with my painting but I think I was actually just too busy at my other job lately. I had started these 2 ACEO paintings two weeks ago and just abandoned them till today and finally got them finished, yea! They're acrylics on Canson canva-paper both are 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.

Uhoh, I have been tagged by someone, my good friend and wonderfully talented artist, Diane Cutter These are the tagging rules that I got from her blog:1. List 7 random facts/habits about yourself.2. Choose another 7 bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog.3. Leave your 7 tagged bloggers comments to notify them of their tagging and to direct them to your blog for tag instructions.So here are random, little known facts about myself:

1. I can write upside down and backwards if I picture what it looks like in my mind first.

2. I love brussel sprouts and black licorice (LOL Diane I read your list!) :)

3. Here are states I've lived in since I was born: Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Wyoming, Virginia. TX, IL, and WY was when I was in the U.S.AirForce.

4. When I was in the U.S.A.F I had a top secret clearance and had to carry a .38 gun! I was a Missile Systems Analyst Specialist (boy, that sounds pretty neat now but was lots of hard work!)

5. All of my fingers and one of my thumbs is double jointed and I used to enjoy making them look creepy when I would bend down my first knuckles hehe!

6. I took accounting and shorthand in college and HATED it, was the hardest and most boring classes ever! (I ended up dropping out and taking what I love which is art)

7. I love learning about the earth and geology was one of my favorite classes in college.

Hmmmm now to pick 7 artists blogger friends to tag (insert evil laugh!) If ya don't have time or have been picked before, just ignore this LOL...OK here's my picks:

All very talented artists, poets and wonderful people, in the order that I have them in my link list:

1. Mother of Invention ~

2. Babs ~

3. Florence ~

4. Kerri ~

5. Corrine (Jafagirl) ~

6. Janet ~

7. Cynthia ~


Mother of Invention said...

I'm surprised and impressed by your job in the USAF. You sure have lived in many states!
I'm glad you followed your heart into your art. Broccoli and black licorice together?
okay, I'll try to think of something ...I'm so ordinary though!

LynClay said...

eek I'm trying to imagine a casserole made of broccoli and brussel sprouts with a black licorice topping LOL I've seen stranger dishes though. I couldn't eat those flavors together at the same time though! M.O.I. I'm looking forward to seeing your 7 list now! I was in the USAF a loong time ago (over 25 years ago), what a strange job they put me in, that's for sure! I was young and really didn't think of the magnitute of the things they assigned me to work on I guess! I'm very glad they are mostly dismantled today (from what I've read)!! :o

Cynthia said...

Happy Mother's Day, Lynette! I can't really imagine you carrying a gun around.

Beautiful paintings and I'll see if I can squeeze your meme in somewhere.

Kerri King said...

That's a lot of states! I've only lived in NC and WV. I obviously travel a lot.

fennymun said...

Just stop by wishing you have a Happy Mother's Day!
You had been in U.S.A.F. ?! That sounds totally different from being an artist! Interesting...

Diane Cutter said...

You're a champ, Lynnie... such a good sport about this tagging. I'm looking forward to checking out your 'taggees', some of whom I know.

What ever you do, don't send me that recipe... It sounds like you've also been quite the traveller.


Lynette packing heat??? LOL LOL
Somehow I can't get a visual on that!
I'd like to join in Lynnie, but I don't yet know 7 bloggers to 'tag'.
(I'm pretty average anyway, I think)
At least compared to YOUR interesting activities!

Janvangogh said...

Still thinking about meme responses.

Fun trees again.

LynClay said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the memes! LOL I can't imagine me doing that job in the Air Force today but that was a loong time ago! We actually had to check out a gun before we left the base that day but we checked it back in that evening. It's weird to think about now LOL! Most of the traveling was back when I was young, I hardly go anywhere anymore except to travel out to see my family in Kentucky.

Mother of Invention said...

Okay, I did 8 by mistake, but it's posted now!

Janvangogh said...

Got mine posted also

LynClay said...

Yea M.O.I. 8 is even better than 7 and I enjoyed reading yours...I'm going to go read yours now Janet! :D

Anonymous said...

Woooo these are very beautiful! :)


Being all caught up in your gun escapades, I forgot to add that I really like your new trees!
So cool!

LynClay said...

Thanks so much Angela and I sure enjoyed visiting your blog, your paintings are wonderful!!
LOL Babs I didn't know they were going to stick me in that job when I joined so young. I had only gone one semester at college and then worked some as a waitress and several of my aunts kind of talked me into joining the military. I'm just glad we were at peace back then and the world was more sane. I was able to finish college on the GI bill too.

jafabrit said...

oh you are a bag girl for tagging me I will try to do it, but may forget (going on holiday for a few days and then it is crazy time with chamberpot gallery). Sheesh I am making excuses LOL!

Brussel sprouts and licorice, ah a gal after me own heart. I had fun reading your tag answers :)

LynClay said...

Hi J.B. LOL hey if you are going to be busy, don't stress over the tag thing (at least till you get some free time)! Enjoy your holiday and Chamberpot gallery activities and hey maybe we can invent a new dish using black licorice and brussell sprouts hehe! :D What a combo of flavors!