Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Fall Night" ~ Here's an update on my tree and moon painting which I finished tonight. The second one is an abstract I painted titled "Stopping Time". Both of these are acrylics on stretched canvas.

Digital paintings in RED and GREEN ~ Here are a couple of digital paintings I did and I couldn't get them to post the other day. I am going to do some more acrylic painting tonight. The weather has been wonderful here but still a little warm. Thank goodness the 100 degree temps have gone away!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pumpkins 1 and 2 ~

ACEO's I did....

Holey Moley my images are appearing in my posts again!!! I've been trying for almost 2 weeks without success to upload pictures in here. These are little 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches acrylics on medium weight canvas. I'll be putting these up for auction at very soon.

"Where the Road Ends" ~ This one is much larger and is acrylics on stretched canvas 16 X 20 inches. It is silvery looking mostly black/white right now but in this picture I played with it in photoshop with some translucent color to see how it will look when it's done.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Blah Blah error on page..line 404..character 5.. permission denied! ~ Well I'm not the only one having trouble uploading pictures to my blog. I searched out the help threads and found one that suggests that quite a few people are having the same problem. Your picture uploads normally and when you click on "done" it doesn't appear in your post. You then get an IE alert message - error occured on page (blah blah line 404, character 5 permission denied). Several people suggested it's a IE browser problem in the thread. They said they dl the Firefox browser and the problem was solved. Apparently blogger is currently working on the problem so I'll wait a couple of days to see if they get it fixed. In the meantime this may be a good time to get off the computer and do some painting, yea! I am working on some paintings for some of my family in Kentucky and I need to start on the one for my sister Betsy! :D

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Some digital paintings I did this week ~ I keep trying to post these and keep getting the message "permission denied". I don't know what's going on so I logged out and back in blogger, deleted all the cookies and cleared my internet history. Taking a deep breath and now I'm going to try again. These are digital paintings I did this week using the Dogwaffle art program. I haven't worked any on my acrylics this week since I had to work some extra hours away from home this week. I work part time at Target your friendly neighborhood big red bullseye and we are getting in Halloween shirts this week for sale! (eek didn't work anyone else having trouble uploading pics to your blogsite this week??)

Monday, August 07, 2006

WIP the Tree and Moon ~ I just started painting this one last weekend and I have to 'make' the tree grow a little more before it's finished. I am still studying/looking at this and have several layers to go before it's finished. I am looking forward to the magical colorful season that is fall! This is acrylics on stretched canvas and it's 8 x 10 inches.

Friday, August 04, 2006

YEA a fellow rockhound! I just visited my friend Jafabrit's blog and I discover that she is a rockhound too and has some fascinating rocks with faces and personalities in her blog! You can see them here: When we went to Kentucky last month we visited the creek down there and I have found some really neat fossils and strange rocks under the clear shallow water. This is one I picked up because it has such an interesting texture and tonight I was looking and noticed some 'sparkly' stuff in one of the cracks. I washed it with a toothbrush and soapy water to see if I could see it more clearly. It's tempting to crack it open but I won't because it may just be sand inside and I don't want to ruin it's unique shape. Here is a plain photo of it and one I photoshopped. Darn no matter how hard I try I can't get a great close-up pic because they always look a little blurry.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Flowers roasted by the Sun ~ Digital painting ~ Will this horrible heat wave ever ever end??? The heat index the last couple days here has been over 110 degrees and will be the same tomorrow. I am so glad we have AC and I wonder and worry about those that don't. It seems like the whole eastern U.S. is being baked in an oven. Those poor animals out there.. but they seem to know how to survive the outside temps. I remember when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter and we had just moved here to Virginia from Florida. It was August and we didn't have AC then and I remember sitting all day with my feet in a bucket of water to try to keep cool. Well, I'll be complaining about the cold a few months from now so I may as well try to enjoy it! :D