Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Small Lynxie Tree Paintings in acrylics, charcoal pencil and crystal glitter. Yep, I am still painting these small trees! Maybe I'll switch to another subject someday, who knows.

Scorching Hot Summer ~ This hot summer with lack of enough rain has really affected the water levels at Lake Chesdin nearby. Rob and I went there the other evening and it was really surreal to see what looked like acres of bright green growth where there was supposed to be water in the lake! We stayed until almost dark, trying to capture some pretty sunset photos.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Two More Lynxie Tree ACEO Paintings and the Antics of Suzie (below) ~ I made these two paintings with acrylics, charcoal pencils in both black and white, and crystal glitter. I didn't even know that charcoal pencils came in white until my recent trip to Michaels to get more brushes. I used the white charcoal in the aceo below. I haven't felt much like painting recently because of the rotten summer cold I've had this week. Rob and I both have been sick and coughing for over a week now, blah!

Flying Dog! Nope, it's just Suzie jumping high into the tree to prune off a few branches out of the yellow tulip poplar in the backyard. I caught this picture through the window and all you can see is her back leg hanging out of the tree, she can really jump high! Below she is running back with the trophy she captured out of the tree.

Payback LOL! OK Suzie, I guess this is my payback for not letting you chew up my potholders in the kitchen lol!! We let her inside on those days when it got unbearably hot outside and she was like a big rambunctious 50 lb. toddler, always trying to find something new to chew on. She had already gone through all the old shoes in the house, so I let her have this old leather work glove (below). This is how I found it laying under the microwave cart the next day...