Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This is acrylics on stretched canvas and kind of a dark theme for me. I retitled this one because I realized after I had finished it I had put several references to death in here. So depressing but it helped me cope with my feelings at the time. My father had recently passed away from cancer and my cat had been diagnosed with leukemia and only lived a couple of months after I painted this one. References to death: the spiders/web, leaves turning and falling from the tree, the inchworm which in an old wives tale meant if you find one crawling on you that it was measuring you for your coffin, the red/black colors. the weird blue cells (maybe cancer)


ashling said...

im so sorry lynXes :(
it's a beautiful painting
i dont think its dark at all
just appropriate for the times

ups and downs
ins and outs
its all got its place

i wish you brightness
ashling :)

diosaperdida said...

Kind of errie..I found myself very attracted to this painting...my Father also died of cancer...AND my cat, within two years of each other.
Its good to paint your feelings..I painted many many paintings in the months after my Father died, as a way to express my feelings.
I am sorry for your losses...very sorry.

LynClay said...

Hello diosaperdida and thank you so very much for your comments on this one. I visited your website through your link and your works are awesome, so expressive and I love your great imagination!! I am so sorry about your Dad passing too, it's one hard thing to go through and accept but it does get easier with time. I'm sorry about your cat too, ah you can come to love them like kids. My losses were back in 1999. Are yours very recent?

LynClay said...

Hey Ashling (b.b. LOL)I'm sorry I didn't see your post in here, and I just realized that! I'm glad you posted your blog link in WC (hehe) I enjoy your gorgeous photos and life in the land of beautiful Australia! I hope all is well and great with ya!

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love your paintings, and photos, but this painting in particular really reached out and touched me. Love it! Sorry to hear about the emotions that prompted it, but I find that emotionally charged paintings usually are the best!

Paula :)