Sunday, January 01, 2006

It's 2006 now so I wish everyone a Happy New Year! I finally got my computer working. It had been restarting numerous times every day for months and I was getting all kinds of error messages. I couldn't run my virus scan or any diagnostic tool without it restarting. After months of frustration and thinking I had some deadly virus my husband took the whole cover off the computer and guess what?? One of the air vents and heat sensors were completely covered with dust! You couldn't see it on the outside. He gently cleaned out the whole inside with a low pressure air hose and now it is working perfectly!!! I wonder how many people trash their computers because of something so simple? Then I'm thinking of all the many many technical error messages I researched mentioning things like "bios memory, caching and shadowing all sorts of varied weird technical terms). Well why couldn't just one of those error messages from Microsoft say "Open the computer and clean out the darn dust bunnies on the inside LOL!) and I swear my house doesn't look that dusty but the table the puter sets on is wide and has a 2" opening under it that dust collects that I can't get to. Think I'll stuff something under there so the bunnies can't congregate there any more. :)
I got some beautiful sunrise photos with my digital camera the other morning. I was finally able to install my digital camera program. I manipped this photo a little in the dogwaffle program: "Dawning of a New Year" or "Sunrise sparklers"


Lisa Nelson said...

Hi and Happy New Year! I'm glad to hear thatyour computer is up again. Darn those dust bunnies. I have them too - from the cats!
This piece is really beautiful, by the way. I hope you keep up this wonderful work.

LynClay said...

Hi and thank you Lisa! Yes I have a cat too and her hair sheds and makes little dust things that float around when I don't vacuum often enough. I couldn't believe all the different error messages I was getting and I thought that the whole main disk in my computer was at fault but the dust on the inside was just making it shut down every time I tried to run certain programs. It hasn't restarted once since cleaning out the dust inside.