Saturday, December 08, 2007

CAPTURE THE LIGHT ~ This is another small ACEO size painting, and I'm also trying to work on one similar in a larger size on a stretched canvas. I am so used to painting small ones that it's hard to do the same style in larger sizes sometimes! No sparkly glitter in this one, although I was very tempted hehe!

Has anyone seen the movie 'Polar Express'? I absolutely love that movie!! The Family Channel has been running it every night and I had it on for the 4th time this evening. My daughter and her boyfriend watched it with us last night. What a wonderful movie with spectacular animation and sound effects!! I think watching that movie will be a yearly holiday tradition for me. Another tradition is making the homemade decorated Christmas cookies with confectioner's sugar colored icing. I have to make a couple batches this week!!



Awww, go ahead & sparkle this one too Lynnie! You're doing so well at this holiday time with them,,,go for it! They are so YOU!
Oh yes,,,,,,,the traditional cookies! I'll be making my usual oatmeal raisin pecan recipe this week.This time I'll make some tiny ones for Jack. :-)

Lynette said...

Hey Babs, that recipe sounds so mouth watering, I love oatmeal, raisins and pecans!! I bet Jack will love the little ones! Rob has been hinting around that he is ready for the Christmas cookies so I have that in the plans this week. I am painting the 4 seasons for someone else and she wanted this one as the winter one (without the glitter) so now I only have 3 to go. I've got paint up to my elbows tonight LOL, I love it!! :)


WOW,,another commission? Fantastic, Lynn! Good for you, and I can see you all covered with paint and grinning!
Yeah, they start hinting real early about those cookies,,,J. is already asking also!
I have a great recipe for the oatmeal,,let me know if you'd like to have it.

Janvangogh said...

Pretty tree. Maybe you should set up an easel with a large canvas and leave it up. Dont try to complete it in one setting.

I like to use cake decorating tools on cookies.

Lynette said...

Babs, I would love to have the recipe!! I had bought some pecans for Thanksgiving for the sweet potato recipe. I didn't know if I should store them in the fridge or not but there's still some left. Whew, they have gotten expensive! Thanks Janet, that's a good idea. I did hang the larger one on the wall in my painting room. I'm still not sure where to go with it though, still thinking on it and looking.


Hey Lynn.
I will email you the recipe.
I always freeze pecans,,,,and they do well! My brother in law has a friend with pecan trees, and I always get a nice big bag of them from him, and pop them into the freezer.