Sunday, June 15, 2008

Golden Land ~ I bought some new paints the other day and I got a tube of the interference gold and it's soo purty! I used the iridescent pearl and the new gold paint to make this ACEO. I tried to get several photos to show how the light ineracts with the paint. I hope everyone is having a great weekend and Happy Father's Day! I made my husband a homemade pound cake today for the occasion. That's his favorite cake so he was happy with my present. :p


Kim said...

Hi Tree Lady,

I love these new paintings. You know I think your trees are just out of this world...cause they are! I am glad you like the inference paints...they are quite cool to use. You know Julianne Richards is the Queen of the Inference... I love adding them to other colors as they just somehow make them have found that out here, too!

I love the atmosphere you have created...the gentle pink and gold is just like jewelry! Beautiful!

I took a bike ride with my husband today...believe me in this heat it had to be a gift! LOL Old Fashioned Pound Cake is my favorite, too. I have my great-grandmother's recipe...yummy!

Thanks Lynette!


OH! I love both of these new ones Lynnie,,,,,they are just beautiful! I'm going to have to get some of that paint, for sure!
Terrific paintings!

I may have to get someone's Pound Cake recipe,,,,I don't have one, and we love it too!

Kim,,,wow, I'm impressed,,,a bike ride,,,wow!

Janvangogh said...

Interference colors are really fun to play with.

San said...

Your art always feels so dreamlike, Lynette. I know it's hard to capture the interference and pearlescent affects in digital photos, but this looks really good. In real life, these must be dazzling!

JafaBrit's Art said...

these are just magical :)

Lynette said...

Hi Kim, thank so much for your wonderful words and wow I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply! We have a lot of stuff going on at the house (new roof today) and I'm so behind on my blogging! I bet you had fun with that bike ride! Maybe we can swap pound cake recipes and I'll send it to Babs too! Aww thank you for the nice words Babs!
Thanks Janet, I need to try some more experimenting with those paints, I love the effect!
Aww thank you San, I love playing with light and special effects paints, it's really fun to experiment with!
Hi Corinne and wow thank you so very much!!