Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tropical Storm Ida ~ "Ooh look at these pretty, wispy feathery clouds!" That's what I was saying on Tuesday as I took the three photos above. Little did I know that we were about to be clobbered with around seven inches of rain, flooding and high winds for the next three days, thanks to tropical storm Ida! We were one of the lucky ones though since we didn't lose power... although it almost went off several times. I had the hurricane lamps and candles ready. For the photos below, fast forward to Saturday evening a little after 5 p.m. ...what is that reddish color on the tops of the trees across the road?! Yeaaa, it's the sun, which we haven't seen since Tuesday...and I can see the stars up there tonight, so I know that Ida has finally traveled out of central Virginia! Yeaa, sunshine tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing it again, whew what a soggy week!!


jeannette stgermain said...

Glad that nothing serious happened with this storm! Great pics! Up to a less soggy week for you!!

katie jane said...

We didn't get any of Ida's rain, and we really need some. We got the wispy clouds yesterday, but blue, sunny skies.
I love those shots of the sun behind the trees, especially the vertical photo. What lovley paintings those would make!
Glad your storm passed without any harm.

Florence said...

Awesome photos Lynnie! I'm glad you're out of the rain now :-)


nina kuriloff said...

these are very lovely photographs!

~Babs said...

Simply gorgeous shots,,,and so good to be catching up with you!

San said...

Your sky photographs always mesmerize me, Lynnie.

Lynette said...

Thanks Jeannette, it was a soggy, very windy week and I'm so glad it's over. I enjoyed taking pics of it though!
Hi Katie, we've had enough rain here in Virginia, we're downright soggy! I hope you've had some rain your way.
Flo, how are you doing? I just went and saw your latest works and the videos with them are soo cool! Thanks so much my friend!
Hi Nina, wow thanks so much!! Tropical storm Ida sure made for some interesting skies when she was coming and going lol!
Babs, wow It's good to see you back home and everything OK, sure missed ya! Thanks so much!
Hiya San, thanks so very much!!

San said...

That sun on the trees is magnificent. Glad you weathered the storm so beautifully.