Tuesday, April 06, 2010

New Lynxie Trees ~ I've been delving into the land of abstraction with these lately and it's been fun! These are both aceos on wc paper and I used everything but the kitchen sink in these-acrylics, including metallic gold and pearl colors, medium charcoal pencil, black ink, and crystal glitter.

Wash Me ~ Can you tell the tree pollen is just crazy right now? My car was washed (thanks to Rob) just a couple of days ago! It's like a fine yellow dust coating everything, including the pansy bloom below. They have bloomed out so pretty and just a few months ago they were covered in snow! The last picture is of a sunrise cactus I gave my mom-in-law for Easter. Her husband had to go through surgery monday but he is doing much better now.


fennymun said...

Hi Lynette, thanks for the photo. NOW I can visualize how serious a 'pollen' problem could be. BTW, your abstract paintings are amazing. It certainly needs much talents to be able to paint that way. :)

Lynette said...

Thank you Fenny, you are so sweet and I appreciate your nice words! The pollen is not as heavy as it was, and I'm glad of that. Lots of flowers and trees are blooming and budding.

Janvangogh said...

Lovely flowers. The top tree kind of looks like a "zebra" fox with a peg leg. That's the fun thing about abstracts.

~Babs said...

Gosh Lynnie,,,I am so behind,,,just look at these awesome abstracts you've done!
Wonderfilled Lynnieworks!

That pollen has been a real hassle all over the country. Little Jack is taking allergy shots now, twice a week. Getting better,thank heaven! Hope you are too!

Lynette said...

Hi Janet, lol abstracts are fun! I was seeing a zebra striped elephant hehe!
Hey Babs, I hope little Jack is doing better, ugh 2 shots a week. My sister and her daughter took the shots for a while too. I hope he is doing much better now. Ugh, a lot has happened in the last week and I'll make a new post. We adopted a puppy and almost lost her but she is doing soo much better now!

San said...

Wow, spring is in full bloom there. Sigh. It's been snowing off an on here today.

Your bejeweled lynxie trees are joyous.