Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall, ...aahhhhh... and some new paintings ~ It's been a while since I've made a new blog post and I have some catching up to do on my visiting! I feel fall in the air and it's soo nice. I'm getting in the mood for pumpkins, fall decorations, Halloween and lots and lots of candy! We had the most awesome orange harvest moon recently, I hope everyone had clear weather and a chance to enjoy it! Here are some of the small paintings I've done since my last post. They are all aceo size (2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches) in acrylics, some with charcoal pencil. Our Suzie dog is getting huge and she's a big hyper fun sweetie! When she stands on her back legs, she's almost as tall as me!


Katiejane said...

Oh what pretty tree paintings! And I love that one with the moon. It almost looks real! Your little pumpkins are so cute.
I saw a lot of color while driving through your state. Fall really is in the air there! Exciting, isn't it?

Poetic Artist said...

Wonderful..I love trees and now is the perfect time to paint them.

San said...

I love the fall and your paintings capture its spirit perfectly.

Ollie said...

love that very first one with the moon. reall nice work.

Lynette said...

Kate, thank you so much for the nice words, isn't the fall colors gorgeous, I love this time of year! I bet you were through here on the way to your N.C. trip.
Thanks soo much Poetic Artist!!
Heya San, thank you so much, fall is inspiring! I need to check your blog and see what you've been up to! I'm getting awful lazy about blogging lately.
Hello Ollie, wow thank you so much, I really enjoyed painting the moon aceos!