Monday, September 19, 2011

'Softly Twilight' 3 1/2 x 5 inches, acrylics and charcoal pencil on watercolor paper.
Crazy happenings this summer in Virginia ~ I experienced my first earthquake ever on Monday, August 22nd. I had stayed up late the night before and was sleeping in late when I dreamed I was in the 'Exorcist' movie. I woke up with my bed shaking all around, the walls shaking and rattling. At first I thought the washing machine had the worst unbalanced load ever and was dancing across the kitchen. I ran down the hall and freaked out when I saw the washing machine wasn't even on. About that time, Rob and Suzie the dog ran in the kitchen and Rob hollered 'earthquake'! The house shook and rattled with a deep rumbling sound another 20 seconds before it quieted down. Scary, I know lots of you brave souls have experienced earthquakes, but I pray that's the last one I ever will, they are scary as &^%$# !! Five days later, we had hurricane Irene come crashing through. She raged here for over 12 hours. We got lucky because we only lost half a tree in the front yard but our nextdoor neighbor lost a whole tree in the back yard. There's still lots of damage evident in the area and after a week, everyone in the area got their electricity back on. We got lucky, ours was only out for 2 days. Here's some film images I got of the hurricane. I'm ready for fall now!
Our house and front yard
more destruction in the area, soo many trees uprooted and fallen. :(


~Babs said...

You posted. I'm just now seeing it, sorry.
Looks like you had a rugged summer,,,and we need to hope that doesn't indicate the winter to come!
Your "Softly Twilight" is so calming, serene, and really does feel like twilight. Great work!

Katiejane said...

Hi Lynnie! I love this painting. So muted and quiet.
So sorry about your tree and I hope you have a better October.

Anonymous said...
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