Friday, July 27, 2012

Yeaa!! ~ I'm almost done with Chris's 'duck room' mural! I still have one more half wall to paint in a snow scene. This is the biggest painting project I've ever taken on. Chris and my daughter Kristie have been living together for going on 7 years and they bought the cutest house just up the road from us almost a year ago.


~Babs said...

Oh gosh, what a project!
It's sure lookin' great Lynnie!
Love your trees,,,,but then I always like ALL your trees!
I'm betting you've enjoyed this, but will be glad when it's finished.
You have awesome patience, and it's paid off. Bet he's thrilled!

Lynette said...

Awwww Babsers, thanks so much!! I didn't know if I could tackle a painting this big but I'm happy with it so far, whew! I still have some more big trees and the snow scene trees to finish. Chris said he loved it, I was soo glad!!

PearlMountain said...

Fantastic...Thanks for sharing. Loving these for inspiration.

Anonymous said...
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Just Amazing Things said...

Your blog, specially this post inspired me a lot. You gotta great work here.

romany soul said...

Wow, that's impressive.