Sunday, March 12, 2006

Molten Midnight Sun...Here it is finished and hanging on my wall. Didn't do much else to it except add a tree leaning in from the right. I put it in ABU to sell but I have a feeling I'll miss it a lot if I'm lucky enough to sell it. It's funny how attached to our paintings we can get. :)


W. J. St. Christopher said...

Oooh, it gorgeous! Good thing I only sell repos; no WAY could I part with this!

Looking at it, here, reminds me of the main problem with selling art on-line. Seeing it come to life on your blog was interesting, and I could see that it would be a fab piece, but, man-oh-man, NOTHING compares to seeing art hanging on a wall! And no amount of seeing measurements printed on-screen can EVER show the impact of the REAL size of a piece. Hanging this one near a door is a perfect way to give it real visual scale.

Excellent work, Lynette -- you've given me some real food for thought!

LynClay said...

Oh w.j. thank you so much, you just made my day, you really did! And you know I just may use this photo as the main pic in ABU even though the cam angle made it look larger than it really is compared to the door. I guess it looks better when you can see the sides of the canvas. You know I may have to look into making repros cause I hate letting go of one to never see it again. I guess taking high resolution photos would be the first step. Thanks so very much for your inspiring comments w.j. hugs to ya!!

Michelle said...

Lovely painting, I can see why you would miss it if it sells! It's kind of like selling a bit of your heart and soul isn't it?

LynClay said...

Hello Michelle, yes that is what it feels like. It's always so exciting when you sell one but then it's sad feeling too. That's why I am going to start saving high resolution photos of anything before I mail it away. Thanks for your very nice comments, I appreciate it very much.