Friday, April 21, 2006

I had some very exciting news this week! I was chosen to become a guide in the abstract/contemporary forum in WC is a huge worldwide website for artists to gather, chat and share tips and photos of their work, and gain invaluable knowledge about the world and business of art. Thanks Diane and Michael! I was in the digi making mood tonight and here's 2 I created tonight. Not very original but I titled them "Eclipse of the Sun" and "Eclipse of the Sun 2"


jafabrit said...

Oh that is wonderful news, congratulations yeeeeeehaw!!!!!! or as they say in geordie speak, "that's geet man" (that great).

The Epiphany Artist said...

LOL congratulations! an those eclipses are cool!

W. J. St. Christopher said...

Congratulations, WC AB/CON Guide Clay! Ah, heck, I'll just call you Lynette!

I wish I knew more about geology so I could verbalize exactly what your "Eclipse of the Sun" (#1) reminds me of.

You know how you go through that phase, as a kid, when you're compelled to break rocks open and see what's inside? (I know I wasn't the only kid who did that!)

And you know how, someteimes, a thin slice of the rock would break off, and you'd hold it up to the sun to see the light glow through it?

That's what your first image looks like. It's gorgeous! I love it!

LynClay said...

Ah gee thanks so much for the congrats Alfreda, Terri, and W.J.! I was a little flabbergasted to say the least I sure didn't expect them to ask me to be a guide!
LOL Alfreda what is geordie speak it sounds really neat! :)
Hi and thanks Terri! :)
W.J. I still get that urge to break open rocks to see whats inside LOL. Yea I have seen thin slivers of pretty rocks like you're talking of. I always loved geology. Wow thank you! :)

jafabrit said...

Hi lyn, Geordie speak is the dialect/language of the people of the northeast of england. It's a mixture or lowland scots,celtic, norwegian, old english (anglo saxon). The romans and normans could never tame us lol!

LynClay said...

Thanks Alfreda that is so interesting and I love learning about ancient times in England. So neat! My grandma who passed away years ago was born with the last name of Yaden and someone traced her ancestors back to the Yeadons in England. They found that name in the Doomsday book and I thought that was the neatest thing! Today theres a villange somewhere in England called 'Yeadon' and I would give anything to visit it and see it! I love learning about England and her history!