Saturday, April 08, 2006

W.J. you got me going with my orb photos again. Thanks, you and your gorgeous art are such an inspiration! This is another of the photos I took that evening and I manipped it (above). I didn't have to do much to manip it since the rain orbs made it look pretty weird already. I tried to blur it a little to get rid of some of the graininess though. We had more rain today and gray cloudy skies but nothing like that short intense storm last Monday when I got the orb photos.


W. J. St. Christopher said...

These are beautiful, Lynette! The blue is great -- looks like you've been indulging in a little space travel. Wish I was there!

My brother just called - it's a little overcast here this morning, so we're taking the cameras out to see if we can shoot a little before the horrible heat descends! I don't expect to find anything as amazing as your "orbs" though!

Also, thanks bunches for your kind words. That's a VERY nice way to start my day!

LynClay said...

W.J. I love visiting your blog, your photos from your travels are just so amazing!! I'm looking forward to your next ones now. Thanks so much. The funny thing is, I had no idea those orbs were in there till I brought the camera inside and put them in the puter. It gets sooo hot here in Virginia in the summer too, I dread the heat, ughh!

Grant said...

Aunt Lynette,

This picture is awesome!!

Love, Grant

LynClay said...

Hi Grant!! :) You know that is a picture I took outside a few weeks ago when we had a real bad storm. Those round white circles showed up after I got the picture in the computer. Maybe I can see if I can get one of these printed out for you. Love you, and oh boy have you and your sisters grown a foot since I see youall last year. We're all coming out in June and I can't wait to see youall!! Hugs and love to you and everyone. Love,
Aunt Lynette