Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blue Sea Tsunami with Full Moon ~ After finally getting up my nerve to try e-bay last weekend, I sold one in there tonight!! I listed my aceo of the red sky with moon (below) and someone bid and won it tonight plus he also bid on the one above! I was so surprised because of my 0 feedback and didn't think anyone would even see them in e-bay because of so many listings in there but woohoo OMG I'm doing the 'happy dance' tonight cause I made my first sale on e-bay! Maybe it's beginner's luck but I'm sure going to try for it again and I did a couple more aceo's tonight.


Anonymous said...

WooHoo, Lyn, I see this one has a bidding war going on! How exciting!


LynClay said...

OMG Cyn thank you and I still ain't believing it!!!!