Saturday, November 18, 2006

Whew what a busy week! ~ My part-time job has turned into a full-time job because of Christmas coming and plus doing my art business after work. Well here is my tree painting again (for the third time) but I swear it is finally really finished now and I just varnished it this evening. I titled it 'River Aire' after the River in the U.K. but it is totally from my imagination, I just loved that River name because it sounds so magical to name a body of water after air, I love that! I also did these 2 aceos last weekend and just getting around to taking a photo of them. I'll probably get them listed on e-bay when I get some free time this week. Hope everyone is having a great week!


Anonymous said...

Yes I would say you have been busy. The final tree painting looks great.

I told my husband today that we should only plan to go to the mall area during the week. It is getting crazy out there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn! I received my Lynclay original ACEO yesterday and promptly pinned it up in my studio. It's much better in person, photographs never do justice to the nuances of paintings.

These are also wonderful, I especially love the landscape and your final tree painting really came along too!

Eeks I have to start daughter's birthday is in early December and then Christmas and my neice's birthday is Jan. 1st. It's a triple whammy!

LynClay said...

Hi and thanks Jan! I just got back from shipping the tree painting to the U.K.! A very nice person saw it in abu a while back and asked if it was for sale so I sold it! Yes it is getting crazy and I plan on staying in the safety of my home the day after Thanksgiving, I don't have to work that day, woohoo!
Cyn wow thank you so so much for the wonderful feedback in ebay!! I have a 3 by my ID now instead of that ugly zero LOL! I'm so happy that you like the card and thanks for bidding on it!

LynClay said...

eeek Cyn you really have a triple whammy of shopping coming up! Get plenty of rest and comfortable shoes and caffeine! :D I dread climbing up into the attic this weekend to get the Christmas stuff down.

jafabrit said...

i love your tree painting, it is fabulous. have a wonderful thanksgiving.

oh cool you sold the painting to someone in the uk. YEA!!!!!!!!!

LynClay said...

Yep J.B. I shipped it today. The cool thing is I had named it 'River Aire' after a river in the U.K. just cause I thought it was such a romantic name for a river, I'm thrilled it's home is going to be near the same area! You have a great Thanksgiving too, with plenty of delicious Holiday food! Arrrgh from now on it'll be a non-stop onslaught of Christmas LOL, I love it! :D