Friday, December 01, 2006

OH CHRISTMAS TREE OF CHRISTMAS PAST ~ This is a photo of our tree taken a couple of years ago. We usually don't get our tree up until about the middle of December because my husband likes a real tree but those artificial trees are looking awful appealing to me lately. Several people I know already have their trees up and they come with the lights already on. Which means - no struggling with strings of lights that only half work, watering the tree every couple days, cleaning up all the dried needles...ah I love the Christmas season, I really do!! It's the most fun time of the year!


janvangogh said...

I wanted a fiber optic tree this year as I didnt think it would need to be decorated. Started looking too late (wanted it up by the time the kids were here for Thanksgiving) and couldnt find one in any of the stores. Bought a large pre-lit one at Target.

A few days later I saw a scrolling sign on the little local lumber store saying they had 7ft fiber optic trees for $90. Arrgh. Never would have thought to look there.

Did you manipulate the lights on this picture?

LynClay said...

I would have never thought to look at a lumber yard for a tree either. The fiber optics are so pretty to look at, I can imagine a whole tree in those would look so pretty! I'm glad you got one in time for your kids. I took this photo 4 or 5 years ago of our tree and just recently dl it again in a family website I belong to that I had posted it in. I don't remember manipping it but was surprised how neat the white walls looked behind the tree. I snapped the pic with all the lights in the room out except for the tree and the flashing angel on top wasn't lit when I took this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lyn! My mom has one of those trees and loves it. She lives alone, so it is much easier for her to set up etc.

I love a real how they smell etc. We wait till after the 11th of Dec. to put up our tree because my daughter's bday is on the 11th, so it keeps her birthday special.
I like the effect you achieved with the photo, like a memory.

Plus, one year we put up our tree Thanksgiving weekend, and by Christmas, there were barely any needles left on the tree!

Anonymous said...

That is cool that you only had the tree lights on.

LynClay said...

Thanks Cyn and that's so neat that you put up the tree on your daughters birthday! We usually put ours up around the middle of December and by the first week of January it's so dried out and sticky, I'm always glad to get rid of it by then. Thanks Jan I liked the way the wall looked in this pic but I wish the angel had been lit up when I took it. She's a flashing angel and went off the second I took the pic.

LynClay said...

Cyn I remember when you helped your Mom move. I hope she's happy and all settled in now.

jafabrit said...

I love seeing everyone's Christmas Trees, and yours looks lovely.
christmas is magical, I feel like a little kid when I sit and look at the tree.

W. J. St. Christopher said...

This is a gorgeous tree, Lynette. My very fave part of Christmas is the lights, so I really love this! Shooting it in the dark also gave it a great, old-world glow -- like candlelight.


Everyone in my family is allergic, to one degree or another, so I've never had a real tree. The one time I worked in an office that had one, they had to take it down -- after my supervisor rushed me to the ER two days in a row!

It did smell great, until it nearly killed me!

Lesson learned!

LynClay said...

Thanks JB and me too I love Christmas...especially that part when you finally get to open the presents LOL! I always make some homemade cookies this time of year, that's another reason to love it!
WJ, wow I'm sorry you're allergic to the trees. A beautiful artificial one is great too plus you can simmer some of the pouporri to get the same smell of a tree.