Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tag you're it! ~ I've been tagged by Lisa (asil-art) and I have to name 6 weird things about myself (LOL that should be easy). OK here goes:

6 weird things about myself

1. I've been a night owl all my life. I find myself more awake at 3 a.m. than 3 p.m.
2. You'de think at 53 I would be in to easy listening music but not me, I'm like listening to hard rock (Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.)
3. I can write upside down and backwards.
4. I can remember my phone number and address from when I was a small child.
5. My fingers are pretty long but double jointed (one thumb is). I can turn my hand into a claw looking thing when I want to LOL.

OK so now I have to tag 6 people (insert evil laugh here!) unless you present the immunity necklace like one of my friends did when I tagged them hehe! :D

I pick:

Alfreda (Jafabrit)
W.J. (art 166)
Janet (A Planet Named Janet)
Florence Artur
Nina Kuriloff


Nina Kuriloff said...

Your image is absolutely beautiful!

janvangogh said...

This looks so Christmasy. Feels like one is hiding in an outdoor tree.

I can write backwards too!

You forgot #6. I will wait til your comment comes through -- is that how you respond to tags?

LynClay said...

Hi Nina, wow thank you so much! I'm trying to get in a Christmasy mood and it's coming way to fast for me!

OMG Janet you're right, I totally forgot #6 LOL!! Well that gives me #6: My dominant right brain makes me terrible at math hehe!! :O
Janet I tried and tried to post a comment in your blog tonight to tag you but it wouldn't go through. I tried your other blogs too. I don't know why it wouldn't work!? I wanted to tag you and tell you that I love your Simon poem and hooray I'm looking forward to more fishies!

Anonymous said...

lovely image! looks like grass and little flowers dancing in the breeze....

It's amazing that you can write backwards and upside down?

LynClay said...

Thanks fennymun what a lovely description! When I write upside down and backwards I have to concentrate really hard and visualize it in my mind, it's very tricky! I haven't tried it in several years though.

jafabrit said...

I love how you did this. Oh darn I am tagged, but how do I know what is weird about me, I seem so normal ;)

I gave in and am moving to beta blogger, hope my blog survives the move.

Anonymous said...

he he he...I'll have to think about Jafabrit, I'm completely normal! Maniacal laugh follows!

Anonymous said...

he he he...I'll have to think about Jafabrit, I'm completely normal! Maniacal laugh follows!

Anonymous said...

he he he...I'll have to think about Jafabrit, I'm completely normal! Maniacal laugh follows!

Lisa Carney said...

Alice in Chains one of my favorites! I was so sad when the signer passed away :(

Thanks for playing!

Have a nice hollyday season!


LynClay said...

LOLOL!! OK J.B. and Cyn and anyone who needs it, my next post is going to be an immunity necklace and idol for those who want to be immune to the tags! :D
Hehe Lisa I think the tags are spreading to everyone LOL fun!! Yes that was really sad when the lead singer passed away. I have a bunch of their songs dl to my computer. I love the mysterious quality of their music!

LynClay said...

J.B. I hope you got your beta blog working fine, I'll go check it out tonight. I have been putting it off because I'm so scared I'll totally mess up mine but I know I'm going to have to the way they have been pushing it lately!

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was too comment posted what, three times? Just shows you how normal I am!

Here's my tip on switching over to blogger beta...print out your original template before you make the switch, so that all your links are printed out and any other widgets you may have!

LynClay said...

Cyn that's a very smart idea to print out the template code. I'm also going to my dashboard and copy the whole thing then save it in a notepad in my computer. I would never be able to recreate mine if I lost the template code. I had a hard enough time learning how get all those links in there in the old blog. I'm going to dive in and take the plunge to the new blogger this weekend. LOL I saw your comment posted 3 times! :)