Wednesday, September 12, 2007

'Red Frenzy' and 'Color Dunes' ~ I finished these 2 paintings today and they are both acrylics on 6 x 6 inch stretched canvas. I am almost out of art supplies and I see a shopping trip coming up soon! I'm still trying to decide if I would be better off buying paints and canvas on-line or at the local Michaels store though...decisions, decisions! I really am almost out of canvas and paints though, yikes time to stock up again! :( This time I am going to buy some white gesso and I haven't used it since college days. I want to coat and sand the canvas so I can get a nice smooth surface and see how that works. I've also thought about trying the stretched linen.



the first one makes me think of a birthday party, complete with candles.


oops, forgot to say candles and streamers. :-)

Mother of Invention said...

Love the second one and the first one? Reminds me of the spider veins in my legs!!! HA!

Looks also like the inside of the retina.