Saturday, September 29, 2007

WHERE DID ALL THE RAINBOWS GO? ~ This is actually a photo I took a couple years ago in the front yard. It was a double rainbow, very beautiful, and I manipped it in photoshop here. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


W. J. St. Christopher, Digital Artist said...

Lynette, I've NEVER seen anything like this from my front yard! Magical!

Janvangogh said...

Did you put a face in that manipulation?


OMIGOSH,,,,,rarely see rainbows ,,,,,,and have never seen a double one! You seem to get them all the time!
And that's a beautiful manip!
(I see the face too)

Lynette said...

Thanks W.J.! I took the regular picture and did a manip on it.
Whoa Janet and Babs, I never put a face in there but now that you mention it I'm seeing it too. It looks like a man's face unless youall are seeing something different! It seems like we see a rainbow here several times a year, usually when it is just raining a little bit. WE sure need rain now, it's getting dry!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! :) *HUGS*

Mother of Invention said...

Wow! You were lucky to see this and here, it looks like a painting!

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Lynette said...

Thanks so much Angela, MOI!
ahem, I don't know who patdan is but that sounds like an ad to me.