Friday, January 11, 2008

'Nightfall' ~ I used the pearl iridescent acrylics and you can see how it changes when the light hits it. This work is 8 x 10 inches on a stretched canvas.
A very talented artist and dear on-line friend lost her Mother this morning. My thoughts, prayers, tears and lots and lots of hugs go out to her.


Kim said...

Lynette, thank you so much for visiting my post. It is very sad news about Babs mother. I too send her lots of energy to get through the next days and weeks.

I love your paintings. They are quite different from your tree series. You are using your favorite color and the pearl iridescent which works so well. What moody paintings these are compared to the trees.

Kris Cahill said...

Wow, Lynette, this is beautiful. I love the energy and the light. Don't you just love using these iridescent paints?

The darkness of these and your writing remind me of how I was a night owl when I was younger. Like you, I'd revel in the silence and mystery of the magical night. It's such a quiet time, and also so very active with energies it's easy to miss during the day.

Cynthia said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's mother, Lynette!

I really think you captured the feeling of night fall in your painting.

The Epiphany Artist said...

Tag I Am It- Now you Are IT!

Lynette said...

Kim, it's so very sad and it seems like only time can make it any easier. Thanks for the nice words and the iridescent pearl is really neat!
Thanks so much Kris! I still love the night time but early morning is also beautiful. Sometimes I just have to get up early but it's hard to do, LOL!
Hi Cyn, thanks so much!
Terri, you got me and I'm going to see what you tagged me with! :D (hope it's an easy one LOL)