Tuesday, January 08, 2008

'Silver Tree and Heart' and a close up (above) of the pearl iridescent acrylic paint
5x7 inch acrylics on cold press Canson 140 lb. watercolor paper

'Hot Taters' Acrylics on a 6x6 inch stretched canvas

Hot and Cold ~ I just finished painting the two pieces above and I used the pearl iridescent acrylics to paint the snow on the trees and snowflakes in the first painting. It seems like I went from cold to hot in these two works!



OH Lynnie, you have outdone yourself on this tree! I love the composition,,,love still grows where seemingly unable,,,,it's a beautiful thought,very well executed,,,,,,,,BRAVO!

And I love the abstract too,,great depth in those darks!

Kim said...

Lynette, these trees are wonderful...a looking forward kind of vision. You do that so well. I am glad to see you are enjoying the pearl iridescent paint. I just received some for Christmas and have found it fun to play around with.

Your abstract is really great, too.

I keep asking myself what is next for you? But I have to be patient, don't I?

Janvangogh said...

Both are nice. I think the abstract was a little unexpected. Love the title.

Anonymous said...

They are just wonderful!!! Your work is so stunning! It show's the beauty of nature in it. I love the abstract piece!!! Abstract's are so outstanding to make. They really take you away from everything into your own world of peace. Anyway, I just love all of your work!!! GREAT JOB! *HUGS*

Lynette said...

Oh wow, thanks ya'll so very very much!!!

Mother of Invention said...

The heart swinging from the trees is so delightful! As always I love the colours and mood!