Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New ACEO ~ Crimson Sky and Gold Heart (acrylics on wc paper)

Have you ever seen a dragonfly bluer than the sky? I spotted this little fellow next to the deck stairs today and wow he was a gorgeously intense color, almost neon blue! He was actually very small, and oh so delicate looking with almost invisible wings. I got up close with the camera to get this shot. Well I have the red and the blue in this post so all I need is the white to say:
Have a Safe and Happy Independence Day!


Janvangogh said...

Whoa, that is really a blue dragonfly. I bet it is brighter than the beetle I found.

Lynette said...

Janet, he would make a good match for your shiny green beetle. I've seen those beetles a few times and they are so pretty, almost like shiny green Christmas paper. That dragonfly was only about 1 1/2 inches long and I'm so glad that at least one of the 3 photos I got of him turned out sharp. There sure are some pretty creatures in nature if you look close enough!

Kim said...

Happy 4th Lynette!

I love the new intense with the heart and all! A lot of passion I would say in this one! And that dragonfly! You are right, I never realized they were so blue! A super photograph, Lynette!

Thanks so much for sharing and do have a lovely weekend!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Each time I come here I am thinking oh yes this current one is the best lol! But really they are all so magical. I feel like I can get lost in them.

The dragonfly is amazing, I don't think I have ever seen a blue one.

cynthia said...

Lynette - love the painting!

That dragonfly is beautiful - I hardly ever see them here in Colorado or maybe I'm just not paying close enough attention. When I do spot one, I always consider it magical.

Happy 4th to you!


And do I EVER love that shade of red!
Also liking the hint of silver at the horizon.

And that truly is a neon dragonfly,,so good of him to stay for the photo op!

Lynette said...

Kim, Corinne, Cyn, Babs, thanks so so so so much for the nice words and I hope youall had a fantastic July 4th with lots of good food and fireworks!!! We went to my Sister-in-laws for a yummy cookout. :p