Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pretty in Blue ~ This is my African violet flower soaking up some sunshine on the kitchen table. I got this little flower in a basket of plants back when my Mom passed away and that was in June '07. This is the first time I had tried to grow an African violet and my Mom always had really gorgeous ones blooming in the house when I was growing up. I'm hoping I inherited her green thumb since I've always loved plants too!

Winter Dreams ~ I guess dreaming is all I can do since we can't seem to get any snow here in central Virginia. We were supposed to get 1-2 inches last night and today but all the snow stopped at the border of North Carolina, south of us. I got all excited last night to see about 10 snowflakes blowing in the light on the porch but that's all we got. This little ACEO size painting is done in acrylics and I listed this in Ebay for the nfac contest which has the theme of 'Winter wonderland' this month. Here's the link for my listing and I guess the only snow I'll see is in my paintings unless mother nature gives us a surprise!


Kim said...

Lynette, I think you may have inherited your mother's green thumb! My grandmother had African Violets and I loved them a lot.

I know just what you mean about not getting snow and missing it. We have had only a dusting up here...and we are missing it a lot, too. Snow is such good moisture for the earth as it slowly melts and nourishes the soil.

I love your painting...as always. I see the Tree Lady is having some struggles in letting go of the tree. :) Lovely pieces to be sure, Lynette!


~Babs said...

Sure is a healthy looking African violet,,,,how gorgeous with the sun shining in on it!

It's a beautiful winter scene Lynn,,and looks just like you,,,good luck with it!
Sorry you didn't get your snow,,I know you were really excited about it. Maybe you'll have some yet!

katie jane said...

Lynn, I like African Violets too, but never could get them to grow for me. I guess they are too temperamental for me. Good luck with yours. I love the color.

Your little tree is a beauty. We have no snow here either. Well, maybe a dusting, but nothing to speak of and that's just fine with me. I could go all winter without any. I'll try to send it your way if we get any.

Janvangogh said...

The violets are such a lovely shade of blue (in the photo) Are they purple in real life?

Lynette said...

Aww thank you Kim and oh I wish we could get some snow here in Virginia. We probably will before winter is over. You are right, I've been painting some more trees.

Thanks Babs, I'm glad I got that photo when I did, the blooms are fading now.

Thanks Katie, I would love some of that snow coming my way. I've had good luck with that flower by putting it near a sunny window and just watering it from the bottom in the saucer.

Janet, yep they are purple but they sure look blue in this picture. I had a prism hanging in the window and the reddish color which made the red spot and the way the sun was shining through the blooms really brought out the intense color.

W. J. St. Christopher said...

Love African violets, but have never tried growing them. Yours looks healthy and happy, though.

Your snowy tree is lovely -- especially since it's been mostly warm and sunny here.

We could really use some snow -- or rain. We're t-h-i-s close to going on water restrictions. Unless things change soon, it will probably happen in February, which doesn't bode well for those long, 100-degree summer days that are just around the corner.

Lynette said...

Aww thank you Wendy and I hope youall get some rain out that way soon. We were on the verge of water restrictions here late in the summer, I hate when it gets so dry. Those African violets are a lot easier to grow than I though, they really are, I surprised myself!

San said...

You have created a complete little winter wonderland in your painting, Lynette. Gorgeous.

My mother grew African violets when she was in better health. I loved them. She had them in these multi-colored ceramic pots whose surfaces resembled little bricks or tiles. May your velvety blue violet continue to thrive...