Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Rose ~ (6x6 inches acrylics on stretched canvas) To save the whole world....this idea came from the novels in Stephen King's Dark Tower series (pictured below). The one rose grows in a weedy vacant lot in the center of New York City and seems to be a key, door or portal to the Dark Tower itself. The Dark Tower series is mesmerizing and I felt inspired by the magic of that one special rose. I knew I had to try and paint my idea of what it would look like. Here's a wikipedia article link which explains more about the rose and the mission to save it. My dear friend Babs has been traveling through the Dark Tower novels too and she painted a fantastic work which depicts 'The Song of Susannah' in her blog 'Off the Wall'. Check it out!


~Babs said...

If that doesn't beat all!
I was so surprised by this post!
When I first saw it, I thought it was a beautiful piece of antique jewelry on a plaid cloth. It is GORGEOUS! I had to blink it up to see if those were real stones on the petals,,,and I see that it's your fabulous glittery paint!
And now that I know the title,,,I can feel that the rose is HUGE,,,,hovering over the gridwork that makes up the streets of NYC. An ariel shot.
Such a cool concept and composition.Not even mentioning the beauty!
You got the vision, Girl!
I wonder what author we could paint next?
(such a fun post,,thanks Lynnie!)

Lynette said...

Haa, Babs, I was gonna surprise you with this one!! I swear those Dark Tower books sure had an influence on me and it's like I'm still almost reading them. I just used regular acrylics (no glittery) and I used 3 shades of the red to try and give it depth. Here's the crazy thing, I had no intention of painting 'the rose' I was just abstracting it as I was going, then realized what it reminded me of when it was half-way done. Ha, I'm still getting into the Dark Tower books, what else can we paint from them?! hmmm :p :) I Love your Song of Susannah!

Genie said...

Thats beautiful work Lynn
and Stephen King. one of my favourites, although i have not read any of the Dark Tower set.

Kim said...

Wow Lynette! I wonder if Stephen King ever thought this writing would inspire a rose painting? The only one of his books I have ever read is 'On Writing' and that didn't inspire any paintings. :) If I read his novels, I would be in a miserable state for months!

I am glad you enjoy them and this one has inspired this wonderful, exciting painting! I just love the perspective you have taken and the way you have use the reflective paint to get some movement from it. I think it works very well.

Keep on painting, Girl!

jeannette stgermain said...

Wow, the rose is ingenious! It makes me forget about Stephen King! (I think that's the mark of a true artist, LOL -I'm not a fan of his works)

Lynette said...

Thanks so much for the nice words Genie and I really enjoyed those dark tower books!
Heyy Kim, thanks so much. You know some parts of his books are so scary and some parts of the dark tower books are too sad. Thanks for the nice words!
Thank you very much for the nice words Jeannette! SK does write some scary ones for sure!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of jewelry too. I like the way you used negative space through to the background colors.

Lynette said...

Thanks so much Chewy!

Anonymous said...

Stunning rose - I thought it was a piece of jewellery to start with. And love Stephen King; must be time I re-read some.

Lynette said...

Thanks so much Cath and I do that too, reread books. Duma Key is a really good SK book, both Babs and I loved that one and the main character is an artist, an excellent read.