Monday, April 20, 2009

The Three Little Kittens ~ who lost their mittens and then began to cry... This was one of my daughter's favorite bedtime stories when she was a little girl and I read it to her countless times. She would always get so happy and relieved when the kittens finally found their mittens and Mama cat gave them some pie. :) I couldn't resist painting this when I saw the Ebay NFAC theme this month was favorite childhood stories. This is 6 x 6 inches, acrylics on a stretched canvas.

Thunderstorms! ~ We have had severe thunderstorm watches, warnings, tornado watches and warnings, and large hail warnings pretty much all day long. I took these pictures of the sky this evening. In one of these, the clouds separated and I could see what looked like a big star shape! We didn't get the tornadoes or hail, only threatening skies and a couple of heavy rains today.


~Babs said...

OH! That is soooooo cute!
Love the fence with cutout hearts. You Do mix up the best blues with all the layering!

Great cloud study,,,so beautiful in all it's fury. Really glad you didn't get the worst of it!
Just look at all those colors!

Lynette said...

Haaa, I enjoyed painting the kitties, thanks so much Babs! I cut out little heart pieces from masking tape for the fence, this was so fun to paint! The sky has been really crazy looking today, soo many bad storms all around today!

jeannette stgermain said...

Wow, I first thought these were smoke clouds from a fire. I am glad they're not! Awesome pics:)but some serious weather - keep safe!

cynthia said...

Very cute, Lynette - also one of my favorite nursery rhymes too. In fact, sometimes I still sing it. :)

The cloudscapes are cool!

Janvangogh said...

Those kitties have such cute little stubby tails. I liked that nursery rhyme too.

katie jane said...

Messy weather here, too. Those sky photos are terrific! It DOES look like a star.
Your kitties are adorable! I loved that poem as a kid too. I agree with Babs, I love your blues.

San said...

Your mittenless kittens are just precious, Lynette!

I love thunderstorms. But tornadoes are so scary! One thing I do not miss about the South where I grew up. The rainfall, yes.

Lynette said...

Thanks Jeannette, those clouds were really ominous looking, so dark.
Hi Cynthia and thanks so much, I love that little story too.
Thanks Janet, I tried to get them looking like kitten tails, short and stubby little things.
Hi Katie, thanks so very much!
Hi San, aww thanks so much and I'm with you, I dread to hear the word tornado.

Mother of Invention said...

Very clever piece on The Three Little Kittens! Love it! You have blossoms already??!!

Hope you're doing okay...just checking in on some blogs.

Lynette said...

Hi MOI, it's so good to hear from you...lots of things are in bloom here and the pollen is all over everything too. Thanks so much for the nice words on the 3 kittens painting, a very nice lady bought it and I mailed it all the way to Oregon today!