Friday, July 17, 2009

Ahhh it feels good to paint again! ~ The two paintings above are aceo/atc size and painted in acrylics. The top one is titled 'River Wilderness' and the second one is 'Chasing the Light'. I may enter these up for bid in the upcoming nfac art contests in ebay. The one below is 'Fishy Mutants' and it's 6 x 6 inches on a stretched canvas. This is one I just reworked some more but I'm still not sure I'm happy with the way it turned out.

From our trip last weekend ~ If you are wondering what it looks like to drive over the New River Gorge bridge, this is a photo I snapped as we were going across!

We went down countless steps (my legs were sore for days) to get these views of the bridge. Can you see the vehicles going across the top?

I've never been afraid of heights before, but I've changed my mind after seeing my husband and daughter standing on this rock last weekend! I refused to get on that last rock but did manage to lean over a little to get a picture of the huge dropoff right in front of where they were standing. My hands still sweat just looking at these pictures and seeing how close they were standing next to that edge!


jgr said...

The "New River" Gorge . . . In West Virginia, is that on or near the Kanawah River? If so - I have been there many times. Oh, what a small world.
Thank you for sharing this- it brings back such good memories!

Lynette said...

Hi jgr, yes it's near the Kanawah River, I remember seeing the bridge signs. What a gorgeous place WV is, we were out near Beckley for a reunion for some of my husband's family.

soulbrush said...

eeeek i hate heights.....i am so proud to own some of your atcs. i am mailing yours on monday..hope you'll like them eeeek.

~Babs said...

Great paintings and photos,,,ALL!
(and your girl has very pretty legs)