Friday, July 31, 2009

Clouds, rain, sun, clouds, rain, sun, clouds, rain, sun, clouds, rain, sun...then a rainbow right at sunset ~ This is the weather we've had today here in central Virginia. I see others posting skywatch friday photos and I have some good ones to share this week. I hope youall have a great weekend!

These are the two aceos that I painted from our trip to West Virginia. I had these prints in a frame to give to my daughter and her boyfriend, who went on the trip with us. I was so excited...a lady whose husband helped participate in building this bridge back in the 1970's is the one who bought the original painting of the gorge! A very nice lady, she's been telling me some of the details of when the bridge was originally built...exciting stuff and I'm in the process of painting an aceo of the bridge now!


cynthia said...

We've been having a very cool and wet summer here in Colorado - very unusual...

Gorgeous photos skywatch photos!

Your daughter is very lucky. :)

katie jane said...

Oh this framed print is so pretty. I'm sure your daughter will be very pleased.
You have the most amazing skies there. Maybe we have them too, but I don't notice. You sure get lots of rainbows!

~Babs said...

That print all framed up looks soooo good Lynn, what's not to love!
That is a fantastic story about the bridge,,,it really IS a small world, after all.
Great sky shots,,,you must live in Rainbow alley.

Lynette said...

Hi Cyn, aww thanks so much!
Katie, I think they liked it. I already painted a 3rd one too. We've had lots of rain which made those pretty skies.
Heya Babs, aww thanks so much, hehe with all this rain and crazy weather, we have had a lot of rainbows this year!

San said...

I always love your sky photos, Lynette.

The framing really sets your print off.

jeannette stgermain said...

Amazing skies, Lynette Thank you for sharing them with us.
That is so special that you met the wife of the builder! I can imagine that she wanted your painting - an experience never to forget!