Monday, December 28, 2009

Another page for the traveling sketchbooks and more snow pics ~ This is my last page for the traveling sketchbooks and it's been so fun...thanks so much for starting this wonderful project Kate! I love my completed book, which had traveled wide and far, and arrived safely back home full of wonderful pages done by such creative artists! This page (above) is for Auntie Mim's book and the theme for her book is 'home'. I used a collaged acrylic painting on heavy yupo paper and added some metallic gold touches and black sharpee ink and a sparkly gemstone on the window. I hope you will like your page and I will get this in the mail this week so it can make one more stop then be on it's way home to you!
Our snow is almost all melted now but I have more photos to share with you below. It was really wonderful to have a white Christmas this year!


katie jane said...

Lynnie, I love this page you made for Mim! It looks so rich and vibrant. I wish I could see it in person, but I won't get to. Whaaa!
We just got some snow last night, and oh boy, the wind chills today!! I guess we're going to have a white new year!
Your photos are great.

~Babs said...

Isn't that the truth,,,I'd love to see it too!
Katie said it: rich and vibrant!
And of course it wouldn't be yours without the sparklies!
Lynn, I didn't realize you live in such a heavily wooded area,,,it is GORGEOUS,,and especially in the snow!

Lynette said...

Aww thank ya Katie and Babs! I just got Mim's book in the mail today, it's gonna feel funny to not have any more books to work on now. Kate, I hope you don't get too clobbered with the snow. I sort of miss ours, it's all melted now. Babs, I didn't even notice how tall those trees had gotten. We live fairly close to Lake Chesdin and there is lots of trees out here. Thanks ya'll!

sukipoet said...

That's such a lovely page for Mim's book.

fennymun said...

Hi Lynette, you seem to have completed an enjoyable project! I like the rich colours of your painting, which is a big contrast against the white christmas photos below. Wish you a fruitful year ahead! :)