Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Treasures for Today ~ This beautiful heart made of clay which my dearest friend Babs surprised me with for my birthday...a very talented artist and author of the blog Off the Wall Art Babs, you know I will treasure this and thank you from the bottom of my heart, it's precious!!...and yikes, am I really 56 now? The years fly by so fast!
and the photos below ~ a single pansy pushing through the snow (I rescued the rest of them), and deer tracks in the snow all over the backyard today. We got about a foot of snow!


~Babs said...

Holy icicles, a foot's a lotta snow!!
Doesn't that sun shining on it look beautiful?
Awww Lynnie, I'm glad you like your heart,,,and a very Happy Birthday tomorrow, my sweet friend!
OOOPS,,,it's already tomorrow where you are, so Happy Birthday today!

jeannette stgermain said...

what a nice present -Happy birthday, Lynette! It's a long time ago I've seen so much snow! Beautiful to look at, but a lot of work when you live in it:)

Lynette said...

Haa Babs and we got it again this weekend too, wow I've never seen so much snow!! I love my heart Babs and thanks so much for being so thoughtful!!
Hi Jeannette, it was a wonderful present for sure and I treasure it! I had to use the snow shovel again today, it's making me look forward to spring!

San said...

What a precious gift from your heart friend, Babs. That's beautiful, Lynnie. I've been 56 since September, but I still don't believe it. YIKES.

A foot of snow! And I thought we were having a snowy winter.

Curtis said...

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