Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Lynxie Trees and a Colorful Sunset ~ Ahh, I can hear the spring frogs singing at dusk now and that means that spring is right around the corner! I am so glad, this has been such a long cold hard snowy winter for so many here in the U.S. I know we got way more snow than usual this winter so I'm ready for spring. Back to daylight savings time, don't forget to set your clock ahead one hour this weekend!
Here are three more 'Lynxie Trees' I've painted. I used acrylics, white gesso, medium charcoal pencil, black ink and crystal glitter for the sparklies in the branches. Also, we had an intense sunset the other evening and I had to grab my camera to capture it. That sunset inspired the pinkish sky in the third aceo. I hope everyone is having a great week!


~Babs said...

Isn't that one gorgeous sunset!
And look how you've been inspired by it in that little painting.
I love these new twists and turns in your latest trees,,they're each one more interesting than the last, in all their sparkly-ness.
I see people on The Bay are liking them too. That's just awesome Lynnie!
Keep 'em coming!
Spring is on it's way,,seeing daffodils around here this week.

Lynette said...

Yeaa, I'm glad spring is finally coming too Babs, whew I was getting tired of winter. Thanks for the nice words on my little trees!! I think I've been lucky with them!

jeannette stgermain said...

I love the 2nd painting so intriguing and different!
Cheers for Spring!

Katiejane said...

You get the most beautiful sunsets where you live. No wonder you do so many lovely tree paintings. We are getting storms with hail this weekend, so watch out! You could be in for some more interesting skies.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Oh My that sunset photo is absolutely gorgeous, as are the silluetes of the trees.

Lynette said...

Thank you Jeannette and woohoo, I am glad to see spring coming too!
Hi Kate, thanks for the nice words...we have had the rain here but no hail yet thank goodness!
Hey Jafagirl, how are you doing? Thanks for the nice words!