Thursday, April 21, 2011

New ACEO size paintings and pictures from last Saturday ~ Here is some more small paintings I've done lately and some weather pictures from last Saturday. Wow, what a scary day. The huge storm front moved through North Carolina and Virginia, spawning tornadoes left and right. We had a tornado warning and one touched down about 10 miles from us, it was scary! We were ready to head to the hall with a mattress over our heads a couple of times. Finally the storms moved east of us and surprised us with a wonderful full moon to the east. I was running for the door with my camera lots of times that day! Scary weather but it was good for picture taking!


Katiejane said...

GREAT photos! I love it when the sky is black and the sun is out. Such a strange combination. Today it was still raining even while it was sunny. It's like the rain just can't stop.
Love your little trees, and I already told you how much I like your dragon.

Lynette said...

Hi Kate, thanks so much for the nice words, I really appreciate it! That was a scary weather day for sure.

Lynn said...

Beautiful skies here too! wow.