Friday, April 13, 2007

DIAMONDS IN THE CORNFIELD ~ I just finished this painting the other day (finally!) and it's 8 x 10 inches in acrylics on stretched canvas. I originally had it titled with the word jewels but I like diamonds better. Lots of times when driving to work before daylight I enjoy seeing the moon and how it seems to glow up there. When you really look at it, it seems to be under layers of diffused light and colors and it's not all white. I guess the craters and atmospheric conditions create the shadows you see on it. One of these days I'll get it down perfectly I hope!
I am always inspired by Jafabrit's spuggy birds and put some on top of the cornstalks to look at the moon!
Yeaaa Cynthia I am so thrilled by the 12 little canvases that I bought from you on E-bay, thanks so much for offering them and I already have one painting started on one of them!

New friend in blogland! A very talented artist and WetCanvas buddy of mine, Babs has started a blog, woohoo about time!! Give her a visit and check out her beautiful paintings!!



I ADORE your birds in this awesome cornfield! Your moon(!!),,,,,,isn't nature just a mind blower?
Terrific work, as always my friend!!
And thanks so much for the intro to Bloggerville, I appreciate your kindness!!

LynClay said...

Awwww you're so welcome Babs and I'm so glad you started a blog!! Nature inspires me so much in my art, probably more than anything else.

Mother of Invention said...

This is so beautiful...such shades of blue and a romantic moon for effect. The birds make such a difference..they really make it.

Cynthia said...

Beautiful painting Lynette, and you described the mood perfectly. Back when I was flying and had to get to the airport at all hours of the night and day, I loved driving when no one else was on the road. It was so peaceful and I felt very comforted for some reason before the energy of the day started.

jafabrit said...

lol! look at all my friends on the tree tops, I love it and the mood is just PERFECT. how kewwwwwwwwwwl, I should inspire something like this :) thanks for the shoutout. Your paintings are just gems.

LynClay said...

Oh wow thank you M.O.I. and Cyn and J.B.!! LOL Cyn it's hard going in to work at 4 am sometimes but like you said, it's so peaceful and not much traffic, I like that plus getting off work really early!
J.B. you're so welcome and I loove your spuggie birds!! :D

Janvangogh said...

I have been trying to think what this piece reminds me of. A fall evening for sure, maybe October. Kind of Nightmare Before Christmas-y -- but I think you had some others that had that feel.