Saturday, April 28, 2007

REFLECTIONS AND FOREST RUN ~ I finished these two little ACEO paintings last night and I plan to work on one of my 6 x 6 inch stretched canvases tonight. I'm always glad to see the weekend come so I can paint something! These two ACEOs are both acrylics and I just listed them on E-bay today. I hope everyone is doing great this weekend and I have some blog visiting to catch up on! :)



Great weekend here, but then they're ALL good, just some are gooder than others! :-)
Love your new work Lynnie,,'specially the tree.
(Run Forrest,Run) :-O

LynClay said...

OMG Babs I never thought about "Run Forest Run" hehe...I loved that movie though! and life is nothing but a box of chawklets. :D
I'm so excited, I got the little photo printer tonight that makes archival prints and I have prints laying around everywhere and they turned out really good. I'm proud of myself, even hooked it up myself, woohoo! Now I just have to think about where I can sell them!


Isn't that funny,,,it was the first thing I thought when I saw the title. Great movie, yes!
Hooked up your own printer!!!!
WOW, I am soooooooo impressed!
What kind is it? Do I need one? LOL
Yes, what we need is a place to sell them!!
I am serious though, what kind didja get?

Cynthia said...

These look great Lynette!!! I've missed you during the week.

LynClay said...

Aww thanks Cyn, to tell the truth I was kind of miserable last week because our central air went out and we about burned up several days because it got almost 90 degrees. I hardly had the energy to get on the computer or do anything but GREAT NEWS it was fixed this morning, I feel like doing cartwheels!!!!
Babs saw this little printer being discussed in a thread in the business forum at WC and it's an Epson R260 photo printer. It can make tiny size 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 prints up to 8 x 10 inch prints. The quality is fantastic and the inks are archival and the best news-it was under $100. The package of photo paper cost $20. though. I got the satin (semi-gloss) and got 100 sheets of 4x6 photo paper. You only get 60 of the glossy for the same price. The ones I bought have a nice shiny appearance anyways. The quality is great, can't tell the difference from the originals I painted!! Let me know and I can send you a link about the printer- got it at Staples.


Lynnie, thanks for all the printer info, I've saved it in case I decide I NEED one, LOL!
That is really cool, you can put prints on Ebay now! I like the satin finish best anyway, as glossies usually have so much glare if you want to hang them.

Glad you got your a.c. back on, was 90 here today,,,but stayed tolerable in the house with fans on. I hate having to turn that thing on so soon! I worked outdoors a lot today anyway,,,but in the SHADE!

jafabrit said...

lyn, that printer sounds great!
WC is great for picking up tips. I had a bad week last week for a different reason, but it really does make it hard to do anything. Glad it is all sorted now.

Lovely work :)

LynClay said...

J.B., *Hugs* to you cause I didn't realize you had a bad week and I hope things are better by now. I love my little printer so far! Oh the nice cool air in the house now, and just in time because it's getting near 90 degrees again.

Babs I love working outside, did you plant some flowers? I am trying to decide if I want to plant something this year.


No, Lyn,,,was going to plant my pots today, but we've had more thunderstorms.Was cleaning up after winter, dead leaves,,,pruning shrubs etc.
I did make a funny rock sculpture on the patio. Garden Art Critter of some kind. :-)

Janvangogh said...

Great news on the printer! Still think you need to go bigger, but you are on your way.

I was in Virginia today. Had to take my friend to Reston for the Portrait Society thing. Definitely warmer than here.

While I-95 is a bit of a stressful drive, we might have to arrange a meet up halfway sometime.

LynClay said...

Janet that would be great to meet up! I live about an hours drive south of Richmond. I admit I hardly ever venture up I-95 above Richmond, the traffic is 'hair-raising' LOL especially when you get near D.C. I think our weather is crazy, yesterday it was 92 and today only in the 60's! I swear I do want to do bigger art but it seems like I hardly get the time lately. I love my printer and even listed a couple of prints on e-bay to see if any interest in them at all.