Saturday, April 07, 2007

NEW UPDATED PHOTO ~ I've been meaning to get a better/clearer/more up-to-date photo of myself to put in my profile and I finally got one last night after about 15 tries LOL! I set the self timer then went over and waited for it to flash...(gee I felt really ridiculous) but anyways I finally picked one that turned out OK even though my neck looks hunched down like a turtle! Here are two of the rejects :D I hope everyone has a BLESSED AND HAPPY EASTER!!!


Mother of Invention said...

Happy Easter to you, too!
I wondered when I came here about the new you! Wow! So different. It's all in the hair! Love the new art. I just passed your blog onto a friend, who is an artist and was interested in my description of yours and the E-bay thing etc.

Word verif. said "purjoy" which is what you must get from your art!

LynClay said...

Thank you M.O.I. and I would love to see your friend's blog and their art. I've let my hair grow out because it looks awful every time I get it cut and also I'm seriously thinking of letting the grey grow out, I haven't put any of that temporary color on it in a couple months, I'm just tired of doing it. LOL sometimes I get a really odd word verification and would like to save it. "purjoy" is a goodie!

fennymun said...

wow! a new photo! and new lovely trees!

Hope you have had a great easter holiday!

The Epiphany Artist said...

haha! Happy Easter! Hey I like the second one with the camera!


Lynnie,,,,,you are so funny with your photography!
Great new picture though!!

Florence said...

Yay, I'm so glad you posted a new photo, I hated the other one. You look wonderful!

LynClay said...

Fennymun I hope you had a wonderful Easter too, thanks so much!
Thanks Terri, eek I like it cause I didn't have on my glasses and it's fuzzier LOL!
Thank you Babs, I felt really goofy taking a pic of myself that night with the timer thingee LOL!
LOL Thanks Flo, yikes I admit that other pic was pretty horrible and out of date too!