Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Driving Under the Ocean ~ Did you ever wonder what it would feel like to drive on a highway suspended for miles out over the ocean, then go down into a tunnel and actually drive under the ocean?! We had to make a trip up the east coast into Maryland last Tuesday to purchase a tow truck for Rob and we got to experience driving through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel twice that day! You can click on the link to see pictures of this marvel (much better than my photos). After entering the tunnel, you go down, down, down through the tunnel which is just a tube and then as you go up you start to see the light on the other end of the tunnel, whew! One hair-raising thing I noticed is that there was such a little (and I mean little) space between the tops of the semi-trucks and the roof of the tunnel...maybe a good shoot for an action movie but a person would risk decapitation if they even so much as raised their head! Here's a quick YouTube video of a guy driving a motorcycle through it if you would like to experience it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me8XCC4mH9c

Another fun fact to ponder: As we were driving though the tunnel, Rob playfully asked, "Wow, what would happen if a big ship sunk above the tunnel?" :o Hmm, I don't think I want to find out! Here's a few photos I took of the bridge/tunnel (above).

'Midnight Sun' ~ I guess I had water and ships on my mind when I did this ACEO. I used pieces of yupo paper collaged in, both the metallic gold and silver acrylics and even some crystal glitter.


JafaBrit's Art said...

ugh I remember that tunnel and hated driving through it.

Kim said...

Oh a trip to the Eastern Shore! That bridge/tunnel is quite an experience to be sure. There is also the Chunnel (no bridge) which connects England to France which is fun, too. I think it is amazing to consider how they were built! And I always think about what if there were a fire in the tunnel? How awful is that to think of the worst? I haven't taken that trip across the bay to the Eastern Shore in a lot of years, though.

The nice thing is you had some pleasant weather to do the trip.

And look at the result...this lovely little painting. How much fun? I really love the colors and the way you have done the sailboats, too. And what a great idea for showing the ocean spray.

Fun, fun post, Lynette! Thanks so much!

katie jane said...

I remember going through that tunnel when I was a kid. I think we were going to Wash DC on a "family vacation". Very spooky. But driving OVER the water, that I loved. Nice you-tube video.


OOOOOH, have never been through this particular tunnel, but one like it on the way to Fla. I cannot think of the name of it.(drat)
I didn't enjoy the thrill,,,nosireee,,,and don't think I'd want to do it again.
Awesome pics though!

I couldn't get Blogger to let me enlarge the painting, and I really want to, as you always have so much interesting detail.
Beautiful,,,and I'm sure more so even, IRL!

Lynette said...

Ha Corinne, it is definitely creepy inside the tunnel and the fumes are awful. I'm glad it was Rob driving through that thing and not me!
Hi Kim, oh how I would love to visit France and England and experience the chunnel, maybe one of these days. How in the world did they build those things? Thanks for the nice word on my ship ACEO, I gave that one to a friend the other day.
Hi Katie Jane, the tunnel is spooky but what a great view when going over the bridge part and seeing the ocean and big ships out there!
Aww thank you Babs and LOL I read where there are employees who will actually drive your car through the tunnel if you're claustrophobic. I guess you could close your eyes the whole way through LOL! Thanks for the nice words on my ACEO, I'm thinking I'm making the file size too little or something, I'm not sure. I'll try and make them bigger next time and see if it works.

fennymun said...

Rob's playful comments just make me smile. :)
Next time I'm going to ask my boys when I'm driving through the cross-harbour tunnel here in HK (a short-distance one and we use to drive cross it whenever going to visit grandparents.)