Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Harvest Moons and Pumpkins and crisp cool nights! Here's 2 more ACEOs I painted and I am getting in that mood for all the fun holidays coming up! I can't belive how fast those little bean pods grow on the flowering vine growing on the fence. I just had to share this picture I got yesterday, such pretty colors!


Kim said...

Lynette, these are really great fun! I love the pumpkins with the trees. You do an amazing job with these tiny paintings. While many people do them, I still find it incredible to paint so small. Do you know Marianne? She paints mandalas...and some are on the tiniest canvases you can imagine.

And that plant! Your's is doing well. I have a few pods and have gotten a couple of seeds, but the blossoms were not that showy and were not there at the same time as the pods. I love this plant, though.

Thanks Lynette!

Genie said...

Hi Lynette,
Great work Have a great weekend


Love your combo punkins & trees Lynnie,,,,so unique, different,,,
Pure Lynette!
Makes me think about some nursery rhyme,,,,and "pumpkin shells".
Was that the old woman in a shoe?
You'd think I'd be up to par on nursery rhymes, but this one escapes me.

Glad to see you're getting seed pods,,I'm suddenly getting a few more now too. Maybe the cooler weather.

Lynette said...

Hi Kim, thanks for the nice words. I love the flowers and beanpods and we all owe Babs a big thanks for sharing those wonderful seeds! I am going to 'baby' mine next year and try to get even more of those gorgeous flowers. I will check out Marianne's tiny mandalas. I think it's fun to paint little ones.
Helloo Genie, thanks so much and you have a great weekend too!
Babs, thanks so much...hehe was it something about Peter somebody who kept his wife a prisoner in a pumpkin shell? I do remember a nursery rhyme about pumpkins. Ha, I also remember the old woman who lived in a shoe and she had so many kids she didn't know what to do. hehe :)

San said...

Now I want to go trick-or-treating!

You have captured the spirit of this season perfectly.

Mother of Invention said...

Love the pumpkins! You could paint a harvest moon in the sky too!