Monday, November 03, 2008

Fall Nocturne ~ I just finished this acrylic painting on an 8 x 10 inch stretched canvas. I had bought a huge sheet of translucent yupo paper to make some origami Christmas ornaments for the tree, but found out the paper is too thick for the use I'd intended it for. Sooo, I have been cutting and painting and experimenting with the stuff. I cut out a circle of it to use for the moon in this painting and glued it on the painting with gel medium. All I have to do now is coat the whole thing with gloss medium and call it finished. I hope youall had a happy and fun Halloween! I ate so much candy corn and it looks like I even spread a few pieces under the tree in my painting! :)


Genie said...

Lovely Paintings Lynette
Yupo is fun to work with.
Thanks for Visiting
The Decaying catalogues are still in the garden, we still do not know what Maggie Grey has planned for them yet. my (Tepees)are not finished yet. have a good week


Lynnie, I'm laffin' at the candy corn. You always make such interesting trunks & roots in your trees, but this is priceless!
You've done a great job of growing your little trees to a larger surface!


Oh, and I haven't had a chance yet to play with the yupo,,,it looks to be a very intriguing surface...thanks Lynn!

Lynette said...

Thanks Jean and I really liked your teepees and all those lovely ATCs in your blog are a pleasure to look at. You have a good week too!
LOL Babs, thank you and I swear I wasn't thinking about candy corn when I painted this but it does look like a couple pieces under that tree. :p
Babs, I've been having fun cutting out pieces of the yupo and collaging into my paintings. You outta order the free sample pack from the main yupo website. I had a blast using those sheets! (and it's totally free)

San said...

Candy corn under the tree--love it! I didn't get any candy corn this Halloween. That may be a first.

Another tree sprinkled with stardust. A real treat for the eyes. And that yupo moon is a neat trick.

Kim said...

Hello Tree Lady! You have done it again to be sure...and bigger, too. I really love this tree as it is so Lynette and just down right wonderful!

On Halloween we celebrated my son's 19th birthday, so we celebrate his birthday rather than Halloween...but it is fun, isn't it?

Thanks Lynnette

Janvangogh said...

I have never worked with yupo. Is it that watercolor paper that isnt made out of paper?

Lynette said...

Hi San, thank you and I would gladly share some of the candy corn I still have left over. Yikes, I still have a bunch of it! :)
Hi Kim, I hope your son had a wonderful Birthday and thank you for the nice words!
Janet, the yupo is synthetic paper and it's actually make out of some kind of plastic. I was telling Babs about the free sampler pack you can get from their website. I had ordered it a couple years back and really enjoyed painting on it, it's so different and really smooth!