Monday, December 01, 2008

OH Christmas Tree ~ You may be artificial, but you're still beautiful!! Well, we finally bought an artificial tree last year. After so many years of picking out a real tree every year...going to town to pick it out, bringing it home in the back of the truck, cutting off the bottom, finding the tree stand which is usually buried somewhere at the back of the attic, putting water in the stand and spilling it on the floor, sweeping up dried up needles all over the house, worrying about the thing catching on fire, some of us possibly being allergic to it, only having it up for 2 weeks....well you get the picture. Last year, it somehow felt a little depressing not to have a real tree, but this year I'm more than happy with it plus we get to enjoy it the whole month of December! I know I'm going to be eager to take it down right after Christmas though as we'll be really tired of looking at it by then! :p Ho Ho Ho


~Babs said...

Aaah, it looks so beautiful Lynnie! An old fashioned tree,,,all different colored lights,,,all different decorations.
Like mine. Bet you have your daughter's hand made ornaments from her childhood on it too.
We've resorted to an artificial tree ,,,,it's just easier all the way around.
You've sure got me beat,,I don't have any decorating done,,but my shopping is ALL FINISHED and for me, that's waaay early,,,,,and I'm so proud!

Kim said...

Tee Hee! I understand your feeling about this. We have struggled and struggled with what to do about a tree for years. It just doesn't seem right to cut down the trees year after year, only get to enjoy it for a week or so and then there are those allergies. We struggled with the decision a lot because we really didn't want to add to the plastic industry, but when you look at how many years you can use a good artificial tree, it begins to make sense. Maybe by the time these trees are belly up there will be a way to recycle them.

Your tree is looking good, too. I know you will enjoy it all month. We will wait until my daughter comes home before we begin baking and decorating here. Shopping? I am getting there.

Have a Beautiful Week, Lynette!


San said...

It's glorious, Lynette. We used to actually get a permit and go into the woods and cut a tree. Now we've scaled back to buying one from a lot. Can the artificial tree be far down the way?

Dianne McNaughton said...

Your tree looks beautiful and really bushy for an artificial tree. We also bought one of these a few years back - I just couldn't bear the thought of all the little trees being cut down.
We have a hot Christmas being on the other side of the equator and real trees tend to go brown here after a week, even standing in water!

JafaBrit's Art said...

I bought a fake white tree this year. We have had real trees for several years and I will miss the smell :( but we are struggling with the idea of cutting down trees too. Yours looks lovely.

sending my best

W. J. St. Christopher said...

Oooh, gorgeous -- I LOVE Christmas trees, and your lights are beautiful!

Everyone in my family has allergies, so none of us EVER have a live tree, and I can't imagine going through all the fuss.

I like to leave my tree up as long as possible, so artificial is the way to go.

Or, as my UPS guy said one fine, Spring afternoon, "Wendy, you do know it's March, right?"

Of course I knew -- but, why take something so pretty down and put it in a box? If I had the space, I'd keep one up year-round!

I haven't put one up the last few years, so thanks for sharing yours, Lynette.

Lynette said...

Aww thanks Babs, yep that oval white one is a 'babys first Christmas' ornament and I teased Kristie and told her it was turning into an antique since it's over 22 years old now. I bet you're so glad to have the shopping done, and I just started, ugh! :(
Kim, I bet you are looking forward to when your daughter gets there, I bet you'll have so much fun! Yes, that is another reason I was glad to get an artificial more feeling guilty because of the live tree being cut down just for a couple of weeks use. :(
San, we always used live ones too up until last year. They do smell soo good and that's one thing I miss.
Dianne, wow it's neat how different the Christmas holdiay is celebrated in different parts of the world. I am trying to imagine it being hot outside at Christmas! I bet you are heading into spring/summer over there.The live tree was always dried out here in the cold climes after 2 weeks but it's usually the dry air from the inside heater though.
Corinne, I bet your decorations and white tree are so gorgeous! I remember seeing photos in your blog of how beautiful you had you house decorated!!
Aww Wendy, maybe you could get one of those little mini trees to cheer up your Christmas. They don't take up a lot of room and they're easy to put up. Yep, I found out we are all pretty much allergic too. I used to wonder why we all caught a cold right at Christmas and was too much of a dummy to realize it was the live tree LOL. :o Haaa, you had your Christmas tree up in March, I thought I was bad. I just did mine early this year but I'll take it all down right after the Holidays.

Janvangogh said...

Have had an artifical one for years. What is even better than an artificial tree is one that is pre-lit. As much as I like a real tree, I dont like the mess and hassle of decorating them. A real wreath or garland is an easy way to add the pine smell.