Saturday, June 06, 2009

Catching Twilight 1&2 and Hummingbirds zooming by the front door! ~ Some new ACEO's I painted last night...

Last night I was out on the deck looking at the magic purple of the evening light and was inspired to do these 2 ACEOs above. They're both acrylics on 140 lb. watercolor paper.
We've been having such fun watching these little 'hummers' feeding. I put the feeder right next to the front door and they are noisy little critters, fighting and chirping and zooming around. It's amazing how they seem to defy gravity!


jgr said...

I've just discovered your blog and your gorgeous art! I especially like the two blue pieces. I'll be back to see what you're up to again!


katie jane said...

Aren't these guys such fun? You got very good photos of her. They fly away at the very sight of me; I can never get a photo of them.

I really like these twilight paintings. They capture the mood so well.

~Babs said...

Yes, mood captured in the paintings,,,and I love your title. The colors are perfect,,,and your signature ribbons too!
Wow,,,your camera must be really special,,,or maybe it's you that is,,,,knowing how to work it! Those are terrific shots of the hummers! I can't wait to get some feeders out at the lake,,,see if we can get some of these guys to come visit.

Kim said...

....and they have no legs! Hummingbird's feet are attached directly to their little bodies! They are amazing creatures to watch.

You are amazing to watch, too, Lynnette! Oh, how I am loving these purply/blue trees! They are fantastic. I have to agree with you there is nothing quite like watching colors change as the light fades...a true time of magic!

Please accept my apology for not getting around to you lately...lots of things are going on at my house (not bad, just different) which are taking a lot of time away from other things.



cynthia said...

I love hummingbirds - I don't see many around here though....

Love the paintings too - very magical!

San said...

Hummingbirds are really strange, aren't they? They way they hover so fiercely.

And your paintings have captured the purple magic of the summer evenings perfectly.

Lynette said...

HI Jane, thanks so much for the nice words, they're very much appreciated... I'm heading over to visit your blog!

Thanks Katie, I was sneaky I hung the hummer feeder right by the front door where I could get to it easy to change the sugar water. I love watching them!

Aww thank ya Babs! I zoomed in just a little bit on those pics. I took a bunch so at least one of them would turn out good!

Kim, wooo I so much enjoyed reading yours and Andrea's blogs last night and about your meeting up in New York City! I know you've been busy doing some exciting things and traveling! Cool!

Hey Cyn, thanks so much for the nice words! I enjoyed reading about the printmaking in your blog!

Thanks San, those little hummers are amazing to watch and they are noisy little creatures with their loud humming flying (they almost sound like huge bees) and it used to startle me till I figured out it was the hummers making that noise!

soulbrush said...

i would love to swap some atc cards with you:...e mail me at if you wanna.

Lynette said...

Hii soulbrush, I would love to trade some cards with you! I think I may make another blog to put some cards in for trade.