Thursday, June 17, 2010

Avoid this plant like the plague ~ if you see it! ~ Because I found out too late that it's poison ivy! I was out there about a week ago wondering what this kind of pretty but fast growing vine was growing all over the fence in one spot. I was out there, without gloves, cutting and pruning it down and carrying the branches off to the burn pile. A few days later, the itchy blisters was appearing on my left hand, both legs, and tonight I have some new blisters up my left arm. Ugh, I can't believe I didn't recognize poison ivy and all my life I knew to beware of plants with three leaves! My daughter's boyfriend came out today and sprayed it with something to get rid of it.

Two more Lynxie Tree aceos....I keep on painting them.....


Lynn said...

sorry about the poison ivy!
love your paintings!!!!!!!!! Very impressionistic looking.

~Babs said...

Isn't it funny Lynnie, how sometimes we look, but don't 'see'?
(poison ivy)
Sure hope it clears up quickly,,,,that has to be miserable.
Love that first painting,,,and I saw that it SOLD already! COOL!
So fun to see that you have bids on the other too,,,,I love the foreground in that a lot!
Keep the Lynxies coming!

Katiejane said...

OH, NO!!! How awful for you! I am highly allergic to poison ivy, so I feel for you.

I like your "grove" of trees. I think I like them more in bunches. They look like a tiny landscape.

Cynthia said...

OH - that's a bummer! Hope you're recovering.

I have a TMI story for that makes me be very careful in nature. A long lost co-worker was out of work for over a week - the reason? She and her boyfriend went camping, got busy in the tent later that night and well, the rest is history. Let's just say that poison ivy was involved - unbeknownst to them at the time and it wasn't pretty or comfortable.

Lynette said...

Aww, thank you so much Lynn, wow this darn poison ivy is soo itchy, but worse at night when you're trying to sleep.
Yes Babs, exactly, I shoulda known what it was but just didn't expect the stuff growing right in the yard on the fence, where did it come from?? Thanks so much about the aceos!
Thanks so much Kate, I need to paint some more of the groves,I was happy with that one.
Cyn, omg, that would be horrible, wow!! I'm thankful I just have it on both legs and left hand and arm, none under the clothes lol!!

clippingimages said...

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