Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun Too! ~ That's what Suzie seems to be saying as she's playing in her little pool! It's hard to believe we've had her a little less than two months and how sick she was after we first brought her home! She is rowdy and rambunctious now and she has sure found a place in our hearts! We went shopping at Petsmart yesterday and got her a couple of new toys and a new pink glow-in-the-dark collar!

Here are two new Lynxie Tree aceos I finished this week, done in acrylics, charcoal pencil and black ink. The first one was inspired by all the lightning bugs (or fireflies) flashing right at dusk in the backyard. We used to have so much fun trying to catch them when I was a child...they made warm summer nights seem magical!


~Babs said...

Oh, just look how much fun that baby is having in her pool!
Great photo!
Awesome new Lynxie trees, Lynnie, and love the one you currently have on Ebay!

Lynette said...

Thanks Babs, her favorite toy now is the squeeky bouncy green football. That dog loves to play in the pool and jump and chase things! Thanks for the nice words on the Lynxie Trees!

San said...

I remember those lightning bugs from my childhood. We don't seem to have them where I live now and I miss them. Thank you for reminding me of their magic.

And it looks like Suzie is creating her own summer magic!

Lynette said...

Thanks so much San, we have so much fun with Suzie, she's soo playful!