Sunday, June 20, 2010

Diggity Dog ~ This is an aceo size painting in acrylics and charcoal pencil of Suzie doing one of her favorite things, digging! I entered it in this month's ebay Nibblefest Art contest and the theme this month is 'Dogs World' ARF! Check out my friend Babs and her wonderful entries of Rosie and Spotty Dotty, she created some adorable canine magic with her clay and acrylics for this month's nfac!! To see all the entries, all starting at .99, just go to ebay and do a search for nfac. Below are some fun photos I've taken the last couple of weeks...

Mr. Bumblebee enjoying some pollen

Puddin', NO, that is not something you can play with, leave it alone!! I wasn't getting too close, but this looked like a harmless black snake and it finally went up a tree.

Eww, the joys of the macro setting on my camera. This large bug is called a robber fly and it preys on other insects by catching them, sticking a straw in their backs and sipping the contents, ick! He was sitting on the outside of the glass door.


Lynn said...

Love the painting!
The photos are amazing. Such a huge fat bee! Snake in a tree? Yikes! and I was sure the bottom two were mating. What a clear close up! What sort of camera do you use may I ask? SLR? impressive.

~Babs said...

OH Lynnie,you really captured the looks and spirit of Suzie! Perfect!
Love the pink pearly leaves.
Those truly are amazing photos,,,just amazing! You and I are are gonna have to have 'macro 101' classes.Same camera,,but I haven't gotten those results from the macro setting!
(that snake looks awfully familiar)

~Babs said...

PS: Thanks for the mention!

Lynette said...

Thanks so much Lynn and I enjoyed 'meeting' some of your family in your blog tonight, you have a wonderful and talented family! That big wasp looking thing was dining on the fly, ick! My camera is a Canon Powershot A1000IS, nothing fancy but it's a good little camera.
Aww thank you Babs, I did that painting from a picture I took of her, I just got the outline of her. Ugh, that snake, I was scared it would bite my cat! Aw, you are welcome and thanks for the same!

studio lolo said...

I came here via Ms. Babs :)

I love the entry you painted of your pup. And I love the tree series you're doing!

Puddin's "got milk" made me smile too! Thank goodness that snake wasn't interested in her :P

Katiejane said...

WONDERFUL PHOTOS!!! You have a very nice camera. And weren't you lucky to have caught all these amazing thing to photograph!
I love this little painting of Suzie. Looks just like her! Hope she brings big bucks!

Lynette said...

Hi Studio lolo, thank you so much for the kind words. lol, the 'Puddin has milk' was Bab's idea and she could have made a milk commercial for sure!
Aww, thanks so much Kate! I painted that aceo from the Suzie photo I took out in the yard.

Gina said...

Wow that blue is amazing. I love your work!

clippingimages said...

wow these are great

jeannette said...

Icky -guess not all is good that you can see with macro!:)
The dog digging gives the painting an unusual twist, as well as the night setting!