Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sometimes when I get out my vacuum cleaner (which isn't often enough as you can see by the cobwebs on the ceiling) my cat hops up on the wood stove in the living room, then jumps up on top of the bookcase which is right behind my favorite chair. Craning my neck up I decided to get out my digi camera and get a picture of her today because she looked so funny up there. :)

Here's a manip of the same photo:


jafabrit said...

you almost make your darling cat look evil with the red eyes, or is it that you have captured the semi evil plans brewing in his/his mind? ;)

The Epiphany Artist said...

LOL Cats are so cool! hey you know you can adjust the size of the auction feed from artbyus so that it wont mess up your blog . I think I cut mine to like under 200 wide.

LynClay said...

LOL Alfreda, she was probably thinkin' of jumping on top of my head if I plugged in the vacuum but she's a sweety! :)
Thanks Terri, no I didn't know you could narrow the ABU auction feed down. Yours looks great in your blog. I will go and give it another shot but I did make a copy of my template beore I go messing with it just in case. Thanks! :)

Asil said...

Hi Lynette, I just tagged you on my blog!


LynClay said...

HI Lisa! Wow thank you so very much, cool! Hey I got some of the most awesome storm photos this evening. My neighbors probably thought I was nuts when I kept running out the front and back door taking pics of the sky. We had tornado warnings all around us but the storm finally passed. Whew Now I am gonna pick out some to put in my blog. Thanks Lisa! I got your link in my blog too. Hugs to you too and hope all is going well,