Monday, May 22, 2006

What the heck!?...Yellow striped clouds?? Yesterday evening my husband was sitting out on the back deck right before sunset and I walked out there to see what he was doing. I looked up (of course) and to my amazement the clouds had these strange stripes in them! Of course he didn't even notice as I ran back inside for my trusty little digi camera. I set the thing on 'sunset' mode since it's supposed to bring out the warm colors of sunsets better. Little did I know it was going to turn the clouds into strange looking striped sulfer yellow looking things up there till after I opened it in photoshop and did 'auto levels'. Here's the normal pic of the clouds and the yellow school bus clouds version. :P


Cynthia said...

I like the yellow clouds! thanks again for stopping by my blog...I really enjoy checking out all your photographs and digi paintings!And, I love photoshop!!! How did I ever live without it??? I'm still learning though.

I was reading your post above this...have you tried loading your photos to flickr and then blogging directly from there? I hardly ever blog directly from blogger anymore.

LynClay said...

Thanks so much Cynthia, that's a great idea to put these photos in my flickr! I've been meaning to make a set for my photos and one for my digis in there.